Paddles And Brushes And Belts, Oh My!


The Stringman in Padeo, from kittysexoticpaddles

My new merchandise has officially been tested out and I have one word for you- OOOWW! What was I thinking, buying wood?? They were so pretty though, that’s what lured me in. Lol. The first paddle is so cute and shaped like a guitar, I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s made from Padeo which is a lighter, springier wood. It has more sting than thud, but also covers more area than the other paddle due to it’s unique shape.


Captain’s Choice Gemini in Australian Canarywood, from

The second paddle is dual sided, made of two different kinds of wood, Australian Canarywood on the one side and Bali Lacewood on the other. These are considered more middle weight woods. (I don’t wanna meet the heavweights! :-O ) That adds up to one thick mother ——. Lol. This one packs more thud than sting. I’ve never bought paddles before and Kitty of Kitty’s Exotic Paddles was really helpful when ordering these and made suggestions on what to get for a wood newbie. I highly recommend checking her stuff out. The woods are just beautiful and have a nice shine to them, each has really unique markings. (I can hear your sarcastic thoughts now, “what about YOUR markings?” Yeah, yeah…)


Captain’s Choice Gemini in Bali Lacewood, from

Okay, end of the infomercial section. You want to hear about the damages, right? Sadists… 😉 So the evening started off with a maintenance spanking. These usually fall on Sundays but this week it was on Tuesday night due to our schedules. J had laid out both the paddles and my hairbrush on the bed. And a hairbrush you ask yourself? I was thinking the same thing. “But… but… why is this out? We’re already testing out the paddles tonight.” J said “I know, the hairbrush is part of the maintenance, the paddles are after.” Sigh. With his hand on the small of my back, I hesitantly bent over the bed. The butterflies were really kicking it now. With maintenance spankings, I tend to relate things in exercise terms, not sure why. Lol. It’s usually 1 set of warm up spankings by hand, 1 set of harder spankings by hand, 1 set of harder “doubles” (two in a row flurries to each cheek) by hand, and 1 set with the choice of implement for the week (aforementioned hairbrush). Needing to be able to warm up to using the wood in hopes of not being a black and blue mess, this was over the pants to start with. After getting through with the hairbrush, it was time for the first paddle. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! Wow, what an impact! And this was with the “lighter” of the two. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! This was still over the pants and it left quite a sting, I was already struggling to stay in place. He switched to the other paddle and the swats continued. Now in play is the “thud” part. My backside was really heating up now. The pants came down and I laid out on the bed as J continued to interchange the paddles. I tried not to squirm but my legs were kicking at this point. No, he was not injured during any of this (sheesh, why is he the one you’re worried about?).

vertical view of double sided paddle

Out came the straight back chair and he pulled me over his knee. Yes, these paddles have the added bonus of being manageable in an over the knee position. Goodie… rolls eyes. My bottom was bared and just when I thought it couldn’t hurt any more, yeah… it did. One can only manage so much kicking being over the knee and trying not to slip off onto the floor, so I restrained as much as possible. I’m not one to really curse while being spanked, but I was pretty close to muttering a few choice words this time. My backside was on fire. Just when I wasn’t sure that I could take any more, he eased up and the paddle portion was finished. Now, my favorite part of the whole spanking is always afterwards. Aftercare. After a long embrace, I laid down on the bed and he gently put some lotion on my burning rear. But not before he doubled over his belt and gave me a few smacks with that! So twisted, I know. Letting me think it was over before pulling that move. Lol. Now I was quite curious to assess the damage myself. I mark notoriously easy and have a very fair complexion so long ago gave up on the idea that maybe I could build a tolerance and not ever bruise. I checked myself out in the mirror and was fairly pleased with the results. A bright overall redness with some bruising that was clearly going to show more the next day, but not too bad considering. Of course, J said he was hardly even swinging it. Fellow bottoms, we’ve all heard this haven’t we? “I took it easy on you…” Yeah, yeah, whatever. Tops…. rolls eyes. It was about time to go to bed, but not before I turned the thermostat down a few notches. My bottom was certainly radiating enough heat to keep me warm for the night… So off to sleep I went, J’s arm around me, basking in the afterglow.

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I'm a shy bottom with a sharp wit. :-)
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4 Responses to Paddles And Brushes And Belts, Oh My!

  1. Arthur says:

    I'm just glad J didn't suffer any harm while administering the fine new wood products in your home.

    From how you retell the story, one can only understand how fantastic the experience really was.

    As a curtsey, let me point out that if you lose control of your filter, I'm quite confident J will be able to apply a bit more “oomph” to showcase how powerful wood can really be.

    Warm Regards,



  2. Rayne says:

    Lovely! I am trying very hard not to be jealous of you right now, Lea! 😀

    So glad you don't regret obtaining more *wooden* implements — sounds like you and J are quite happy with them, in fact!

    Brava and happy spanks!


  3. Anonymous says:

    May have originally wondered whatever 'wood' have possessed the delicate flower I once knew to actually make such purchases herself – would *never* have imagined you'd do anything like that. But after such an amazing recounting of such a wonderful experience I'm left with only an abundance of gratitude for your sharing and growing appreciation for your impressive talents.

    Thank you VERY much for sharing!


  4. Anonymous says:

    I have a paddle just like the second one you showed lea. I hope to use it this Saturday again. I need to borrow a baseball batting glove though to use it like it should be used. Sometimes my hand gets the backlash sting.

    I love anything wood…well except for a switch that is. Canes I am not too sure of yet. I especially like hairbrushes.

    I don't see what the fuss is all about. I get that everyone is different, but why do bottoms protest so about different implements. I don't get it. It's a mystery to me. I really can't relate. I pretty much like being spanked with most wood. I like wooden spoons also, but the Top tends to usually break them while using them on me.

    Ummm…well…wait a second…that was the Top side of me talking mostly. The bottoms side agrees, but it depends on who is doing the spanking, how hard the implement is used and what the count is going to be.

    It's a bottom's right to complain also.

    Phew!!! That was close!

    I told you it was hard being a switch.

    To each his own, is really what it comes down to.

    Bree and bree


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