Another Wonderful Scony Weekend


Post Party Depression aka Post Party Drop:
In which one attends such an awesome party, that the next few days seem bland and horrible.

It’s hitting me hard this week. I attended my fourth Scony Weekend in the Mountains this past Thursday-Monday and it was wonderful as always. Each time I go the crowd changes a bit, there’s new people to meet, and always lots of laughs and spanks. It’s always hard to say goodbye to all my dear friends who I see so rarely and come back to real life and ugh, work.

The weekends are always an emotional rollercoaster for me. It’s so fun to catch up with existing friends and meet new ones, laugh myself to tears (did anyone see that woodpecker this time?), tease the hell out of the tops haha, and just enjoy hanging out. There’s never a dull moment with such an ecclectic group of people. I always feel so welcomed and cared for.

It can be a bit of a whirlwind. There’s so much going on in my head with all the playing, and of course the sad feelings of having to depart. It feels like it only just began by the time I have to go. Good times always go by faster, that’s for sure. By the time I got home yesterday I was ready to pass out. Talk about being physically and emotionally drained. My head is still putting together everything that has gone on in the last week, so I will probably have several different blog posts about various parts of the weekend. There’s too much to go over all in one.

To all those who were there, thank you for adding to a great trip. I had such an amazing time and was happy to meet all the new people and catch up with old friends. Thanks to those who laughed at my incessant jokes and told me that my singing was tolerable. Thank you to those who added suggestions for my future invention. Lol. Thank you to those who got me there safely (even if it was at a slower speed, though not as slow as last time.) 😉 Thank you to Ms. Margaret and Mr. Ryder for all you do to organize these weekends and giving us all an outlet for our needs to be met. And last but not least, thank you to everyone who puts up with me and for taking the time to read my blog. More to come later. Goodnight.

About Lea

I'm a shy bottom with a sharp wit. :-)
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6 Responses to Another Wonderful Scony Weekend

  1. joeyred51 says:

    Lea: I enjoyed so much meeting you after chatting for a month and reading your blog. You are being modest, you have a very good voice. Also, I enjoy every one of your stories. I was ROFLMAO last night as you recounted the story of the bus driver during the ride to the airport. I echo your comments; it was one of the most incredible weekends I have ever had. I have never laughed so hard, met so many great people, and had so many great scenes. Hug. joey


  2. bree512 says:

    Lea, putting up with you are not the correct words to use here…enjoying your company is more truthful.

    Thank goodness for your blog Lea. You should be proud.

    Can't wait to read some more about the SCONY April Mountain Spanking Weekend from your point of view.

    Tops are just like cops. They're never around when you really, really need them. Just kidding.



  3. Kathy says:

    Lea, it was a pleasure to see you this past weekend, and I miss you already:-( We still need to work on moving Utah east…LOL..or making that pilgrimage west. A SCONY roadtrip! We'll let Ed drive, however…as dear as Al may be, we don't have time enough to allow him to take the helm for such an excursion..LOL….
    Big hugs,


  4. Lea says:

    @joey, thank you so much. I enjoyed meeting you as well!

    @bree, you're on your own with the tops and cops comment. You never know who might be reading. Lol.

    @Kathy, I miss you too sis. I'm all for moving Utah closer. And any visits here are welcomed as well!


  5. Jane says:


    You write such a great blog. I had a great time at the party. It was fun meeting everyone again and now I even remember who I met. 🙂 The rides up and back are always a hoot too. Those NY drivers!!! LOL

    Hope I'll be able to make it to another party. Like Kathy said I wish we could move it west, like just past Lake Michigan 🙂



  6. Lea says:

    @Jane, I'm still in shock over that near collision! Well, in my mind it was a near collision. If I ever tried to drive in that city I would surely die. Lol. I'm all for moving things west, let's start a petition! 🙂


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