Inside The Toy Bag

At the recent SCONY Mountain Weekend, I experienced a plethora of new implements. I’ve written a previous post about spanking implements that included a poll. As for what most people favored, the hand won. I voted for the hand myself. Nothing like that personal touch. But sometimes it can be nice to change things up. And poor tops sometimes need to give their hand/arm some relief. Don’t you feel sorry for them? Yeah, me neither. Lol. But moving right along… There’s such great variety out there. From seemingly innocent things you can buy at your local grocery store or create yourself from Home Depot to lovely handcrafted tools for the pros, it’s all about options. I’ll share my thoughts about the new ones that I’ve experienced.

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I have some wooden paddles in my personal collection but had never experienced a leather paddle before. I’d say that this one was my favorite. I generally prefer sting to thud and this gives that effect. The feel of it is somewhat close to that of the hand which I like. I got just a taste of it, but if used for a prolonged period I’m sure it would still get the message across. This item is definitely on my spanko wish list.

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A trip to the woodshed with the carpet beater was another first. Looking at it, I relate it to the cane so it made me quite nervous. Due to the unique shape of it, it’s fairly simple to aim and use, whereas a cane is not. While I was told that it was being used on me lightly (yeah, yeah, I’ve heard that before…), it certainly left behind a stinging impression. I’d be curious to play with it more in the future.

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On this same trip to the woodshed, I also experienced the martinet. It’s an interesting whippy little thing. One has to watch out for wrapping with this one. It’s a very different sensation since there’s multiple strands hitting in several places at once. It certainly falls into the stingy category though the one used on me was a bit heavier leather so had a thuddy factor as well. The jury is still out on this one. If I owned one I’d probably want to use it for lighter more sensual play, like a flogger. But I’m sure it could be used harder to leave quite the impression as well.

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I’m one of those people who will try just about anything once. So silly me, I asked to be spanked with a plastic paddle with holes. After having a wooden paddle used on me, I was curious what the difference in feel would be. It was a big difference. Not that wood is easy at all, but I’ve now learned that I hate plastic/lexan/whatever else is in that category. Rubber and metal implements are in my red area, and plastic may soon well join them. I received several relatively lighter swats with it, and it had quite an impact. As far as the holes, I would have to be spanked with a regular plastic paddle followed by a plastic paddle with holes to really compare. But wood compared to plastic? I’ll take the wood. And that’s saying something. Being someone who already bruises somewhat easily, it’s not something I would want to play with again. I think it would damage my skin too quickly.

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Now to the F.E.S. Flesh Eating Strap for those who are unfamiliar. It’s in dispute if this was really my first experience with it. I say it’s not. At my first SCONY weekend, I received several “light” swats with it to see what it was all about. Now the owner of this strap from Hell disagrees and said I had not really experienced it. Well, now I have. And do I want to meet with it again? No. This incident began after the F.E.S. was given a fleece sleeve to reside in. I commented that it should only be used while in the sleeve and it’s owner felt I should experience a first hand comparison. Top logic at it’s finest… Was there a difference, you ask? Yeah, it was slightly less horrible in the fleece sleeve. But certainly still felt. And to quote Forrest Gump, “that’s all I have to say about that.”


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I'm a shy bottom with a sharp wit. :-)
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7 Responses to Inside The Toy Bag

  1. joeyred51 says:

    Thank you Lea for another wonderful post. As a newbie, I was spared the harsher implements. However, some of our mutual friends described their encounters with the FES in great detail for me. Ouch. I prefer sting to thud as well. Also, don't you just love the way Tops discuss their implements in front of bottoms. LOL. Thank you for another well written account of the weekend.


  2. Ursus Lewis says:

    I never spanked you with my leather paddle? I'm surprised and it's about time to do so…
    On the other hand, you don't have to worry about plastic implements from me. Actually anything not being leather, wood, rattan or my hand is kind of out of range for me. A slipper might be the only exception.


  3. bree512 says:

    Awww…how sweet! It was soooo nice of someone to fleece the FES for you and try to spare your fanny and other bottoms the full experience, even though it didn't work too well. Yeah….and to quote Sergeant Schultz from Hogan's Heroes. “I see nothing! I know nothing!” Hehe.



  4. Lea says:

    @joey, ah I remember the days of being newer. People were so much nicer. Lol.

    @Urs, nope this past weekend was my first experience with a leather paddle. It certainly won't be the last.

    @bree, lol thanks a lot to the anonymous gifter.


  5. bree512 says:

    @Lea Are you thanking me? I had nothing to do with fleecing the FES and I do not know who did that. I was only saying whoever did it was sweet and probably on our side.

    Yeah…so ok then. Thank you who ever fleeced the FES, but you did it before I got a taste of it. Couldn't you have fleeced it early in the week and not have waited until really late Saturday night? I mean really. Your timing stinks. Figures. My timing is always off too.

    Personally I think it was joey. I think he was scared about the FES and wanted to spare his own bottom.

    Hmmm…don't they use fleece to wax cars to make them shinier. It was a joke then to who ever did it. They wanted to make the bottoms fannies more shinier. Look for someone who owns a car wash or has wax unerneath their finger nails and you probably will find the culprit. It has to be a guy. Look for a guy who has a shiny well waxed car. Hehe.



  6. eileen061209 says:

    I just found this particular page in your blog, lea, and wanted to make a comment. I have had the opportunity to experience most of the implements mentioned above; however, it is interesting how similar tools of the trade can differ so much when used by a variety of Tops or Switches.

    At the April, 2011 weekend, I was given a dose of a wooden brush by an experienced female Top/Bottom …very effective. I always enjoy a brisk otk hand spanking; but I find I am becoming partial to straps or belts as well. My experience with a carpet beater put me to sleep; perhaps the gentleman was hoping to sustain his energy for a long evening. Always something unexpected that adds to the experience.

    But let me clarify one bit of less than factual information that was given to me prior to my first weekend in October, 2009…. straight from the mouth of the proprietor of the aforementioned Flesh Eating Strap, i.e. FES. In an email communication, he advised me that the FES was a bit too harsh and he didn't use it on newbies. For those of you keeping count: I had it a few times over my slacks and once on the bare bottom MY FIRST WEEKEND. I thought lies = wood, sir.


  7. Lea says:

    @eileen, that does sound like questionable information indeed. You should tell him you have something to discuss next time you meet. It was nice knowing you. 😉


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