The Woodshed

This is a story about my first spanked to tears experience. Enjoy.
The Woodshed
I sit inside waiting
As the sounds of nature chirp outside the cold wooden door
Nervously biting my bottom lip
Hands slightly trembling on my lap
My stomach is in knots
Knowing what is to come
Passing minutes seem like hours
Finally she enters
My eyes strive to meet her gaze
“You know why we’re here,” she says
“Yes, ma’am,” I manage to utter
The words struggling to escape my throat
I’m bent over a saddle
Jeans pulled down to my knees
A flush comes to my face
As my thong clad backside is exposed
I brace myself as the spanking starts
Her hand delivering hard smacks to my bottom
She switches to the strap
Scolding me between swats
My feet are kicking
My bottom quickly reddening and stinging
And then it happens
I begin to sob
I’m surprised by the tears
And the feeling of relief that they bring
The strap continues to bite into my flesh
But I hardly notice the pain
I feel my tension and stress float away
With each rhythmic thud
The spanking concludes
And I stand on unsteady legs
Pulling myself back together
Catching my breath as the sobs decrease
She embraces me
And helps me dry my tears

About Lea

I'm a shy bottom with a sharp wit. :-)
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11 Responses to The Woodshed

  1. sixofthebest says:

    Lea, How beautiful is your poem 'Woodshed', I believe you deserve 'six of the best', six of the very best strokes, of a pliable stinging cane, upon your voluptous bare bottom. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. William Shakespeare would be proud of you.


  2. joeyred51 says:

    Great story Lea; a truly brilliant poem. I know that saddle well and the sting of that strap delivered by that experienced but caring hand. What a wonderful feeling! 😀


  3. Michael says:

    Lovely story, Lea, and love you told it as a poem. A very cathartic experience for you. Thanks for sharing your intimate tale.


  4. Dioneo says:

    “I'm surprised by the tears /
    And the feeling of relief that they bring” — I really like these lines and the ones that follow. The catharsis of a spanking is such an important thing to spankos, but it's also one of the hardest things to explain about TTWD. I like how you've captured it here.


  5. Lea says:

    @sixofthebest, thank you! No thank you to the cane though. 😉

    @joey, thanks, it is a wonderful feeling indeed.

    @Michael, thanks for reading!

    @bree, {{{bree}}} back at you

    @Dioneo, thank you. It certainly is something difficult to explain. I wish my poetry skills could hold a candle to yours. 🙂


  6. eileen061209 says:

    A very articulate and artistic offering, lea. Thank you for sharing.


  7. Lea says:

    Thank you, eileen.


  8. Pink says:

    That first cry is unforgettable and you've memorialized it well here.

    Did you find that after the first it was easier to shed tears during subsequent sessions?


  9. Season says:

    This is beautiful, Lea. I have added it to our “Favorites” tab. Hugs!


  10. Lea says:

    @Pink, No, actually. It is a rare occurrence that I cry and has only happened 2 or 3 times since then. I guess the stars just have to align the right way for it to happen. Lol. So many factors.

    @Season, thank you!


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