A Visitor

It’s not often that a friend from out of state comes to visit so this last week was a real treat. Mr. L from NYC was in town for a few days and I hope that I wasn’t too terrible of a tour guide. You see, I don’t get out all that much, have any sense of direction, nor will I generally drive on the freeway. So I only travel within about 20 minutes of my home most of the time. The reason for this is people on the freeway drive crazy. I’m a good girl who goes exactly the speed limit and therefore receives many honks and expletives as they all try to run me over and force me off of exits I didn’t want to exit on. I have a friend who I may have teased a time or two for driving slow, but the difference between me and him is I stay off the freeway because I know I’ll be run over. I don’t just drive down the middle lane going 20 under the speed limit. Just sayin’. I would absolutely be killed if I tried to operate a vehicle in NYC, that’s for sure. Thank god I have nice friends to drive me if I visit and the public transportation system. But I digress…

Mr. L arrived in town last week and I went to meet him at his hotel. He’s a friend from SCONY so I knew I’d be in for a bit more than sight-seeing with this visit. We’d last seen each other in April at the SCONY mountain weekend. Even with 3 months passing since then, I’m just so well behaved that he could hardly think of a reason to spank me. 😉 But top logic prevailed and he came up with something. I soon found myself pulled over his knee as he spanked me hard with his hand and reminded me of his dislike for the 😛 icon. Yes, I tend to stick out my tongue and roll my eyes. I’m a sarcastic person, what can you do? Why do I get the feeling that this post is going to add “being cheeky” to the list for the next time we meet? I was let up off his lap and bent over a chair in the corner of the room where I counted out loud the last 10 swats. Perhaps my memory is failing me, but I swear that everytime I’m spanked it is harder than the last time I was spanked by that person. Anyway, it ended with a hug and soon after we went out to dinner. Taking someone out to dinner even after being spanked, I suppose I was a pretty good host after all. I don’t cook much but promised him a gourmet meal of Slurpees and Ramen at my place, but he wasn’t too keen on that so we went out instead.

The next day, I met with him at his hotel again with an extra bag in tow. I brought my flogger to show him, we didn’t use it but I just like to show it off to people because it’s so pretty. 🙂 I also brought along my London Tanners paddle and strap which I previously wrote about here. He is a fan of leather implements so was interested to see these in action. He spanked me with his hand and then switched to the leather paddle. I don’t know how leather paddles differ from one to the next, but mine definitely leaves a lot of sting without much impact. I laid across the bed propped up by some pillows as he switched to the strap. Similar to the paddle, this one does not need much force to leave a big impression. He used the strap standing on either side of me to keep things even. I quickly found it harder to stay in position as the strap bit into my already tender bottom. After several more smacks and Yes Sir’s, the spanking concluded with a hug.

We went to do some sight-seeing in the high 90’s temperatures, ugh. I don’t know how people in NYC walk around so much. Here it doesn’t matter if something is only 5 blocks away, you drive! Lol. I’m surprised I wasn’t spanked for my complaining over the walking and the friggin heat. After seeing the city, we headed to the mountains for the next day. I know everyone who knows me is in awe because I don’t do outside. But yes, we went on a hike. To lure more friends to visit I’ll share a picture of the beautiful view on that hike. 🙂 Later that night, J met Mr. L for the first time and we all went out to dinner. I’m always happy when J can meet some of my friends from “the scene” and see they are just cool, normal people. Well, as normal as I am anyway. Haha. It was a fun weekend. Thanks to Mr. L for visiting and I hope it was a good time. For any other friends who’d like to come see me, I guarantee you one free meal and the pleasure of my company. 🙂


About Lea

I'm a shy bottom with a sharp wit. :-)
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16 Responses to A Visitor

  1. joeyred51 says:

    Thank you for sharing your visit with Mr L. Did you teach him how to pronounce your name correctly? (Lee not Le-ah)
    FYI. It is faster and safer to walk someplace in NYC rather than drive.


  2. bree512 says:

    @joey Unless you are trying to get away from a Top for telling them how to pronounce things correctly. In that case, a motorcycle or bicycle is better suited.

    @lea I am glad you and Mr.L. had fun. Here is hoping some more of your friends take you up on your generous offer.

    I always wanted to see and be spanked in Utah (just not sure where in Utah yet) and many other places like the Grand Canyon. Maybe someday.

    Can you recommend a site out there that would be perfect for an outdoor spanking to occur? I will put it on my list of places I would like to be spanked if you have a suggestion.


  3. Sounds like you had a good weekend – nice implements. Im waiting for a wooden paddle to arrive – a leather one will be the next purchase me thinks 🙂


  4. eileen061209 says:

    My dear lea, first you tell me your spouse went from vanilla to spanko in a heartbeat; then you exhibit all your beautiful toys from London Tanners created in scrumptious styles and colors; and now you tell me Mr. L. made a visit to Utah? One of my very, very favorite SCONY Tops!

    NOTE: If you read this, Mr. L., please be aware of the fact that historians tell us tall, dark and handsome men of stature once found it an easy stroll from Utah to California. I'm just sayin'…


  5. kittengrl says:

    LOL… Hey Lea, if I come to visit can we substitute the Slurpee for Peeps instead? You know, since Mr L didn't want any? 🙂 Just sayin'…..

    Glad you and Mr L had fun!



  6. Lea says:

    @joey, Actually, I'm not sure that he ever directly said my name throughout the visit. Safer to walk in NYC? I saw a movie this weekend where someone from L.A. was visiting NYC and as they went to cross the street he pauses to wait for the light to change. The woman laughs and says something like “Aww you west coasters are so cute” and then pulls him to cross the street into oncoming traffic as he exclaims “I'm going to die!” I totally felt that same way when I visited. Lol.

    @bree, did you see above where I mention that I don't get out much or travel far? Lol. Sorry, no recommendations here. Maybe Mr. L can help you with suggestions now that he's visited some rural parts of the state.

    @kiwigirliegirl, the leather is much nicer than the wood for sure. 🙂

    @eileen, yes that is all true. I wonder how many hours further you are from me. I think just getting to the Disneyland area from here is a good 14-15 hour drive.

    @kitten, why not Peeps AND Slurpees? Now that sounds like a healthy lunch to me! I do still have several boxes of Peeps left as Mr. L refused to accept my welcome to Utah gift.


  7. sarah thorne says:

    I think New Yorkers walk because it's faster than driving there!! lol.

    Oh, I see joey beat me to it, altho I don't necessarily agree with the 'safer' bit…..

    Also, silly girl, you should know that “Top logic” = “no logic”!

    Ha – my captcha includes stfu….maybe that's a hint? :\



  8. Ursus Lewis says:

    I have the feeling I did not spank Lea enough while I was close to her. *shakes his head*


  9. Lea says:

    @sarah thorne, that's true but I'll keep calling it “top logic” just to make them feel better. Lol.

    @Ursus Lewis, uh, I beg to differ. 😉


  10. kittengrl says:

    @Lea- That is just like a top. Rude to the hostest by not taking the yummy Peeps. *SIGH* Wouldn't that be a spankable offense for us poor, defenseless bottoms???


    PS…I like your plan, Slurpees 🙂


  11. Lea says:

    @kitten, I'm sure it would be if it were us. Double standards, sigh.


  12. Lea says:

    I just had a genius idea! Put a Slurpee in a blender with some Peeps torn into smaller pieces and voila, SlurPeeps! Do you think Mr. L has gagged from reading this yet?


  13. bree512 says:

    Don't know about Mr. L, but I gagged and I have eaten peeps and slurpees before. Not together. Separately. Blah! Or better yet PLEDDEC!!!


  14. Lea says:

    @bree, now I'll just have to take some pics after my next 7-11 trip to send everyone a tutorial on how to create a SlurPeep. Muahaha!


  15. sarah thorne says:

    Slurpeeps are worse than cornjims (slimjims dipped in corndog batter and fried)


  16. Lea says:

    @sarah thorne, Lol I don't know, cornjims sounds pretty nasty. I could see SlurPeeps getting popular with the state fair crowd too, though.


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