The Scene Heard ‘Round The World

It’s time for Part 4 of the SCONY Mountain Weekend! You can catch up with Parts 1, 2, andย 3 here. Before I get into that, I observed today that I now have 69 followers. Yes, that made me giggle a bit. I know, totally immature. Thank you to all who continue to read my ramblings! ๐Ÿ˜€

Friday left off with me sitting on a bag of ice and writing out my thoughts until my state of exhaustion finally led to sleep. It’s not easy being a magic marker and as I suspected, the marks had deepened by morning. I actually brought a camera with me on this trip to record my day to day state of bruising for future comparitive purposes. I always think the current time is the worst yet, but it’s hard to say really. I don’t post pics of myself here, but things had definitely taken a turn for the worse. I had played quite a bit on Friday though, more than I think I ever had in a single day before, so I wasn’t too surprised.

I got up and ready on Saturday and actually made it to breakfast this time. The coffee was not strong enough, I headed back to my room to rest a bit before joining in on the day’s activities. It was time for St. Margaret’s Academy. For those who don’t know what on Earth I’m talking about, I’m quoting this off the SCONY website. “St. Margaret’s Academy is not so much a school but a way for people to interact, learn, and receive or dole out spankings โ€” or just enjoy the company of others. ย It’s not so much a scene activity as much as it is an exercise in social interaction around a spanking theme.” Most of the group was already down there but I had to arrive fashionably late in my disguise. Why did I need a disguise, you ask? Because there were too many tops after me! Funny side story there. Before this trip, I was shopping with my husband. As we were going along getting what we needed, he was reading the shopping list out loud. “Bread, eggs, t-shirt, paper towels, yogurt, disguise. Disguise?? You wrote disguise?? What is that for??” Apparently he didn’t think I was being serious.

Thank you Dollar Tree for having exactly what I was looking for. Who could possibly recognize me now? Paired with my disguise, I was wearing a t-shirt my friend A helped me with that read “Dead Never Looked So Good” and I’d switched my weekend name tag from “Lea” to “NOT Lea.” Yeah, I’m that good. I’d put some thought into this plan. Lol. A few others apparently didn’t want to be confused with me either and wrote “Also Not Lea” on their nametags. I arrived for SMA and gave several people a good laugh at the whole getup, including our bartender and resort manager J who said “you have waaay too much time on your hands.” Then I received several referrals for “impersonation” and “just not being Lea.” I just couldn’t win… I still say the disguise was a success though because I wasn’t spanked at all for like 3 hours. Many clearly didn’t recognize me. I helped play the bells for the music class and just sat there and let the two British guests in my group answer all the questions in the Dickens literature class. My friend K and I were going to skip out on the dancing class, have I mentioned my extreme lack of coordination? There is this low ceiling beam in the lounge and even with this being my fifth time at the weekend, I always hit my head on it multiple times during my stay. It’s ridiculous. So me, dance? Don’t think so, I can barely walk straight.

E wasn’t real happy about us skipping out which led to my first spanking of the day. He soon reminded me and K about why we should stick to the scheduled activities. I experienced my first co-bottoming scene back in April and really enjoyed it. I wrote about thatย here. It’s fun feeding off the energy of the other people and allows me to be a bit more playful and vocal than I’d normally be. K was a hoot, had a smart aleck reply to everything that E said. I have so much to learn from her… He spanked her and then as she was standing in the corner, pulled me over his knee. I actually didn’t need to say too much because even from the corner she provided a running commentary. Lol. He spanked me with his hand and then had us switch spots. He tried to get me to say how many spanks she should get but I’m not one of the throw-a-friend-under-the-bus types so didn’t really answer. He gave us both a hug and we returned to the lounge for lunch. And we’d completely missed dance class, how about that?

We had some lunch and then came one of my favorite parts of the weekend, the musicians hour. This is where anyone who wants to hang around and play music can get together. I was a terrible keyboard player last year, very rusty, so stuck to just singing this time. Mr. R is a wonderful guitar player and singer and A and S interchanged playing guitar and keyboards. I even got to sing my parodies, Sounds of Spanking and People Wield Canes, the latter as a duet with J from the resort. It was a lot of fun. I didn’t know all of the songs in the book to be able to follow along with, but will remedy that next time when I bring my ‘N Sync sheet music for everyone. Lol. After things wrapped up in the lounge, people dispersed to play or rest. I checked in with J at home and changed into something a little dressier for the night. The theme for the weekend was Charles Dickens. When we all regrouped for dinner that night, I could not believe how many people went all out on the costumes and just looked great. Men in top hats, peasant wear, chimney sweeps. One particular top was a Dickens character by the name of Mr. Dick. Think I had fun with that one? Oh, yeah. I don’t think I overused the name at all. HA!

After dinner everyone headed down to the lounge for that night’s party, still in costume. There was a huge group of new people to the weekend and they had an initiation sort of thing for them. Sorry, my lips are sealed on what that’s all about. The party was hopping, there was a line to use many of the play areas. Once or twice I walked back to a curtained area with someone only to hear “Hey, we’re already waiting here!” Mr. C and I walked to the woodshed to play there instead but that was occupied as well, so we went back to his room. I quickly found myself over his knee, bottom bared, as his iron hand reminded me to reel in my sarcasm. Apparently this was a repeat problem. Ya think? There I go again… I’m much quicker to see the error of my ways when in that position of course, so it didn’t take long before I promised to behave for the rest of the weekend. I don’t know how much he believed that, but he let me up and gave me a hug.

I returned to the party, cursing my crappy phone service for not allowing me to check my local football scores. It was the biggest game of the year back at home, University of Utah vs. BYU. Since I’m cool, I’m a Ute fan of course. Some nice people with better phone service than me were kind enough to update me throughout the night on the score. Utah ended up winning 54-10, woohoo! Nobody probably knows what on Earth I’m talking about, back to the party. If you wondered about the title of this post, here comes that story. For anyone who hasn’t been to a spanking party, the set up (at most, I assume) is sort of a large common area and then multiple privacy booths/cubicles curtained off where people can go and play. When I was new to the scene, this really worried me. Now there are a lot of people around doing their thing plus loud music overhead, others hanging around and chatting, but despite all that the idea of even being near other people who could possibly hear me really freaked me out. That may seem silly because we are all there for the same reasons, but I was just uncomfortable with it. I only played in my room or someone else’s room or the woodshed up until my fourth weekend this past April. At that point I got over it to an extent and started using the main play areas.

So, back to the party. I’d been wanting to play with M and hadn’t run into her yet that night but she came and found me and led me to the back to play. The play areas around us were full of people, but I wasn’t really paying attention to that at the moment as my hand was in a firm grip. My jeans came down and my phone fell to the floor, battery and everything coming apart, again. (See Party Playing Rule #1 in my previous post. I don’t always learn quickly.) I was bent over a saddle and she began spanking me with a wicked paddle of hers. I think it’s leather, I’m not even sure. But that paddle and I are well acquainted, even dating back to my first weekend and this experience. Did I mention that I don’t like that paddle one bit? She delivered stinging swats in rapid succession as I oww’ed and aah’ed and pushed into the saddle hard enough to move it right into the wall. The paddling increased in intensity, no spot on my bottom left untouched. My backside was completely on fire and I was just howling. Eventually it eased up and then stopped. After I pulled myself together, she gave me a big hug. Upon exiting the play area, someone nearby asked if everything was okay and I said yes. A bit dazed again. That would not be the first inquiry I’d get that night, several people who had heard it checked in with me. I was fine of course, but 1. embarrassed that everyone had heard me and 2. that I was such a wuss.

After I could semi-comfortably sit again, I had a seat at the bar and chatted for a while with a few people. I think it was actually around this point that I heard the final score of the aforementioned game and was very excited about it. Mr. A had been busy with his cane again and was kind enough to let me and someone else observe a caning demo. It was interesting to watch and the fact that the bottom didn’t die had me intrigued. Lol. It’s something I had thought about trying for a while and now the wheels were spinning again. I didn’t try it that particular night, but will come back to that subject later. I was having a conversation with a few people and said something hilarious which had everyone laughing except for Mr. R who was giving me The Look. He then grabbed me and the FES* (*Flesh Eating Strap. And yes, it’s as awful as it sounds) which was on the nearby counter and led us behind a curtain. My jeans came down (but I emptied my pockets first this time!) and I was bent over the chair and reminded of my hate-hate relationship with that particular implement. It’s an awful combination of sting AND thud that I can’t really describe. I just know that it’s one of a kind and was handmade by the Devil himself. I’m not sure how many times it struck my tender flesh but it was certainly enough to have me agreeing with whatever I was supposed to be agreeable about. The spanking concluded and I received another big hug. I rejoined the party, not sitting anytime soon, and socialized a bit. My bottom was completely toast at that point so there was no more play for the night. I think many of us still hung out for a while until it was last call and the lounge had to close up. I returned to my room and eventually went to bed.

Check back for the final chapter of the weekend on Sunday. ๐Ÿ˜€

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I'm a shy bottom with a sharp wit. :-)
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10 Responses to The Scene Heard ‘Round The World

  1. sarah thorne says:

    Okay, several things here.

    One, we don't get to see the bruising? I mean, you took a camera after all!!!

    Also, being all of 4'11 in height, I almost never (read, like 99.99999% of the time) have to worry about banging my head on anything. Except, on one occasion, the toddler section in the playground, I banged right into a metal bar meant to hang on. But just barely even then.

    And, it sounds like you had a great time! Love your disguise. What genius! ๐Ÿ™‚



  2. joeyred51 says:

    Excelllent post lea. Your disguise was hilarious. It makes me smile just thinking about the mask and the t-shirt combination.
    I do not think you hit your head once, but Mr L was not so lucky.
    Well done.


  3. bree512 says:

    I had no idea about any of this, as it should be for me. If I had noticed, I pretty much do not say anything to the spankee. I would feel like I was interfering. I wouldn't want anyone to acknowledge their perception of my situation or headspace at that point, either. Of course a caring whisper of concern by one person is enough and is nice, but totally unnecessary with this group 99% of the time. Newbies need to be checked up on, though.

    Lea, I did not hear anything. So it wasn't everyone. Then again, I was not near to where you were being spanked like some people were. Knowing this now, does that make you feel better?

    I think I tune all the noise out anyway. It doesn't register unless I am the one being spanked.

    Just my opinion whether it be right or wrong.


  4. there is nothing like this in NZ – i wish there was id be there like a shot….wow.


  5. Your disguise is AMAZING. The name tag sounds so epic. The whole time sounds totally awesome. I'd like to go next year, maybe ๐Ÿ˜€


  6. Lea says:

    @sarah, I wouldn't wanna scare anyone away with the bruising pics. Lol. I would gladly give you a few inches of my height if you wanted it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @joey, Oh I hit my head several times. On that beam in the lounge and on the top of the door frame of the little dungeon set up room. Ugh. I'm glad not everybody noticed though!

    @bree, Yes I feel a little better that not quite the whole party heard me. I'm like you and tend to tune out the noises of others.

    @kiwi, You should start a local spanking group! ๐Ÿ™‚

    @alex, Thanks! It was awesome and it'd be great to meet you if you ever head out in that direction!


  7. Ursus Lewis says:

    As always I hit my head once. It's usually enough to remind me for the rest of the weekend. Maybe I should always wear my top hat. It worked very well as pre warning tool…


  8. Lea says:

    @Ursus, Bring an extra for me while you're at it! ๐Ÿ™‚ I'd pack a helmet but I can hardly fit everything in one checked bag as it is.


  9. wordsonthebottom says:

    What a fun time Lea!


  10. Lea says:

    @wordsonthebottom, It was indeed! ๐Ÿ™‚


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