Spanked By Ms. Margaret- Part 1 (Guest Post)

Today I’m happy to share Part 1 of a story by my friend Joey. Enjoy!

Spanked by Ms.  Margaret

Ms. Margaret is the founder and organizer of The Spanking Club of New York.  I am truly thankful to be a part of this club and for all of her hard work and effort.   To commemorate my first year in SCONY, I would like to share with you my first spanking by Ms Margaret which took place at the SCONY weekend in April 2011. 

Part One

The Interview

In March of last year, I called Ms. Margaret to request approval to attend the spanking weekend that she organizes semiannually.   We had a lengthy conversation, actually more of an interview.  In retrospect, I now understand that she conducts the interviews to ensure that the attendees understand the protocols of the club. She asked if I had a fantasy.  I told her yes and that it involved a student who miss-behaved in college.  I told her that my most difficult class in college was French and that I feared/liked the sensation of leather.  I also remember that it was a very pleasant conversation.  Ms M suggested that I use the message board and that I participate in chat to get to know the members. 

The Ritual Begins

Ten Days before the Weekend:  Chat Session. 

Ms M : “Joey. Have you been studying French?”

Joey: “No”

 Ms M:  “You mean No ma’am.”  

Joey:  “No, ma’am.”  

Ms M:  “I expect you to speak French during the weekend.  And, learn to count because you will be counting in French.”

Joey:  “Yes ma’am.”  There are ten people in chat, but I feel very, very alone and my heart begins to pound.

I was lucky to pass French in college.   TG for the internet.  I began to learn important phrases that I think I will need such as:  “Merci Beaucoup. “  And, I refreshed my memory of  the French words for numbers.  I had read that tops sometimes make bottoms count strokes, but counting in French would be a real challenge.

Three Days before the Weekend:  Chat Session

Ms M:  “Hi Joey.”

Joey:  “Bon Soir Ms. M.”  I felt good about my efforts to learn French and decided to be a little cheeky in chat.

Ms M:  “So. Have you learned to count in French?”

Joey:  “Oui, Madame.” 

Ms M:  “To what number joey.”

Joey:  “Trent, Madame.”   I am proud that I can count to 30 in French.

Ms M:  “LOL. Trent?  No Trent.  Cent!!!!”

Joey:  “Cent?”

Ms M: “Oui.”  My pulse jumped just thinking about counting out 100 strokes in French.  Damn! 

Two Days before Weekend:  (Me and 4 Tops in Chat)

Top (Any of the 4):  “So joey.  How is your French?”

Joey:  “Working on it. Thanks.”

Top:  “If you miss pronounce a number; you will be made to start again.”

Joey:  “Start again.”

Top:  “LOL.  Of course.”

Top:  “Ms M has a mean belt for naughty boys.”

Joey:  “Thanks for the warning.”

Top:  “We are looking forward to seeing you at the weekend. LOL.”

I sign off and take a very deep breath.  My heart is racing.  That night all I could think about was the chat session and the weekend.  It was the same for the next day and night prior to the weekend.  To this point, my only experience with spanking as an adult were the many stories I had read or accounts from bloggers. 

The Weekend:  Friday

It was a three hour drive to the weekend.   I occupied myself with practicing my French and tried not to think about my meeting with Ms Margaret.

I met Ms M on Friday and the scene continued.  She was very nice and then said,  “I have plans for you during the weekend.”  (evil giggle)  “Now get busy and help set up the room.”

A couple of  spankings on Friday relaxed me quite a bit, but the thought of a spanking from Ms M dominated my thoughts throughout  the day and night.  In the evening, the tops made it a point to talk extensively about the pain caused by different types of implements.   I fell asleep Friday night wondering what the encounter with Ms M would be like and if I could handle the experience.

The Weekend:  Saturday

On Saturday, Ms M was dressed in her Ms Margaret clothes.  There were a lot of fun activities and constant spankings.  At 11 AM, Ms M whispered in my ear:  “We have a date tonight.”  (giggle)

During the day, I was spanked with several different types of implements, some really stung.  Because I was a newbie, I was let off easy.  But, I was informed by some of the members that I would not be considered a newbie on Saturday night.

At dinner, the lovely Ms M visited my table and chatted with us.  This time she just pointed her finger at me and laughed.   Oh crap.  Suddenly, I lost my appetite.

The last night of play started at about 7PM.  Because it is the last night, the sound of spanking can be heard throughout the hall.  Several of my friends initiated me into a little group they had formed consisting of bottoms only.  And, I was given a T-Shirt to show my membership.   One of the ladies, Elle, had helped me during the weekend.  I really enjoyed our conversations and found her to be a well travelled and witty person.  After a spanking, I was standing at the bar with her and my friend Lea.  Ms. M looked across the room at me and once again pointed in my direction with an evil look. Elle looked at me and told me that Ms M can really spank hard.  Oh great!  Just what I wanted to hear.

Twenty minutes later, Ms M takes a lady by the arm and places her over a saddle.  The ladies skirt was lifted to reveal that she had on a thong that left her bottom bare.  Ms M took out her double belt and started to strike the bottom with quite a bit of force.  Whack. Whack. Whack. Whack.  Soon, the bottom was pink and the lady was wiggling and saying “ouch” with each stroke.  On and on the spanking continued.  Well, my anxiety level increased with almost every stroke of the belt.  I had never seen someone spanked with this intensity.  Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack.   The spanks continued to rain down on the bottom with even more intensity.  Ouches became Yelps.  How long?  An eternity for me as I watched! Probably, the same for the bottom.  So this is what is meant by hard play.  

I glanced at Elle and she instantly knew what was on my mind.  “Do you mind if I watch from a distance?” said Elle.  “Of course,” I was thinking that I could use all the support I could get when my turn came. 

Ms M hugged the bottom and looked at me.   This time when her finger pointed at me she gave me that come here look.  I looked at Elle and we both knew it was time for my lesson.  I stepped away from Elle and walked slowly towards Ms M.  Again, that same wicked smile crossed her face as I approached.  The moment that I had waited for and actually craved had finally arrived for me.

To Be Continued…


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I'm a shy bottom with a sharp wit. :-)
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12 Responses to Spanked By Ms. Margaret- Part 1 (Guest Post)

  1. Kitty says:

    I'm impressed that you were learning to count in French, etc. Good story!



  2. Marne says:

    Great story, Joey! You are bringing back so many memories of my first Weekend. Please don't make us wait too long for the next part!


  3. joeyred51 says:

    @ Kitty Thank you Kitty.

    @ Marne Yes. Fond memories Marne of our first weekend! Thank you for your comment.

    @Lea Thank you for publishing the account of my first spanking by Ms M.


  4. Anonymous says:

    *bites nails* Hurry up and tell the next part of the story, Joey! I'm so worried for you!




  5. joeyred51 says:

    @ Regan LOL. I hope that you enjoy Part 2.


  6. eileen061209 says:

    Another great narrative, joey! I, of course, recognize the names of Ms. Margaret (oui!) and Lea (bonjour!) but the name Elle generates no memories for me from the mountains.

    I'm waiting impatiently for the second installment….can't wait to see how it turns out. (giggle)


  7. Lea says:

    @Kitty, He's a very good writer, isn't he?

    @Marne, That's right, you both shared the same first weekend. It seems like so long ago!

    @joey, You're welcome and thank you for sharing your story.

    @Regan, Hmm, yes, how could this possibly end? 😉

    @eileen, I won't make you wait too long!


  8. A.S.S. says:

    Neat story… well done. Would be nice to attend a SCONY party one day.

    ~Todd and Suzy


  9. Lea says:

    @Todd and Suzy, They are lots of fun! Hope you stay tuned for Part 2!


  10. Hermione says:

    Naughty Joey, leaving us up in the air like that!

    An excellent story so far.



  11. sarah thorne says:

    This reminds me of the time RG made one of our friends count out her swats in Japanese!

    I took French for two years, and I'd be damned if I could remember enough to even count again!!

    Thank goodness Part 2 is up for me! (there ARE benefits to being late to the party after all!)



  12. Lea says:

    @Hermione, Yes he seems to like the cliffhangers!

    @sarah, Counting in Japanese? Oh my! I think I could maybe get to 10 in Spanish based on 8th grade knowledge, but I wouldn't bet on it!


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