Stress Relief

This picture was taken at a party a few weekends ago where I met with many different implements. This post is actually not about the party, but I wanted a picture to go with it. And since I was asked by many, I’ll also add that the fishnets were from Torrid. It’s rare that thigh highs really go to my thigh because of my height, but they fit nicely. Anyway, on to the current week’s events.
This past week was fucking terrible. By Monday at 7, after a really long stressful day of work where I left an hour later than I should’ve had to be there, I was ready to write my own children’s book. Lea’s Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Fucking Day. The adult sequel to Alexander’s, of course.

Tuesday was more of the same. Crazy busy at work, every nutjob customer seemed to come out of the woodwork at once. And why do they all seem to call in the last hour of the day anyway? Then I go out to my car and some asshole parked their big truck well over the yellow line into my space, so close that I couldn’t even get into my driver’s side door. I had to get in on the passenger’s side and climb over the median between the seats, which the top then broke off of, to get into the driver’s seat. Ever tried being 6 feet tall in a Corolla and climbing over anything? FML.

Wednesday continued the trend of shittiness for the week. My bank account bounced and I got hit  with  overdraft fees after a payment that was supposed to post to a different card didn’t. Work seemed endless. And I can’t even watch The Daily Show before I go to bed because DirecTV is in some fight with the company that provides a handful of the channels which have been suspended for days now. What am I  supposed to do without Comedy Central?? Argh! (Seriously, if someone else who uses DirecTV has any idea how long this is going to go on, please let me know. Can’t find out a thing from them.)

Tell me about it, Maxine.

Plans to see S on Thursday night were my last hope for salvaging the week. After how the past few days had gone, I was unusually direct for me, lol, and told him I needed a hard spanking when I saw him. And he’s nice and stuff so was happy to oblige. 😀 Some stress relief was definitely called for. Spanking can be a lot of different things to different people. Various aspects of it do different things for me, but one of my favorite applications of it is for stress relief. Having that opportunity to just let go, even if only for a moment, is lovely. Making my mind just pause and take in the moment, not worrying about anything else.
When he came over, I lied out on my bed with my bottom bared. He selected the rattan cane and leather paddle from the toybox. He started with the cane in quick lighter taps, building up to harder strokes. It didn’t take too long to get me squirming because that thing stings like no other. Why do I prefer sting over thud again? He set that down and switched to spanking me with his hand for a while and then to the leather paddle. That is one of my favorite toys because of it’s versatility but it can definitely induce some squirminess when applied with the intent to do so. He had that intent. And I’d asked for it, literally, so why do I still complain? Eh, it’s a bottom thing. Lol.
He kept rotating between the cane, paddle, and his hand. I was definitely feeling each swat and my legs were kicking and I kept squirming around. He wrapped his arm around me to secure me from wriggling off the bed. (A sprained ankle is the last thing I need this week!) After I was good and pink, the spanking wrapped up. My head was clear and I was soothed. Success! I really hope I can get a second dose of stress relief this next week. Pretty please?

About Lea

I'm a shy bottom with a sharp wit. :-)
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15 Responses to Stress Relief

  1. Emen says:

    I know I'm not supposed to be laughing but you knew you'd make me laugh.

    If nothing else you're an accomplished acrobat. I'm 5.5 and I couldn't climb over the median in a Corolla.

    Best wishes for more stress relief for you. The panties, the bruises and the fishnets look great. I would have published that picture without a post.



  2. Anonymous says:

    Another does of stress relief can definitely be arranged.



  3. joeyred51 says:


    Sorry you had a shitty week. There is no better remedy than a good long hard spanking. 😀

    Glad you have S to help.

    Big Hug,


  4. SNP says:

    Lea, I hope this next week is better!


  5. Lea says:

    @Emen, Lol, with my height I should be driving a Suburban but I can't afford the gas. Thanks for the compliment on the pic. 🙂

    @S, Hooray! Thank you for your assistance. 😉

    @joey, It is a good remedy!

    @SNP, Thank you, you and me both!


  6. Susie says:

    No Daily Show? That would put the best behaved lady over the edge!!!

    I hope you got your needed stress relief this weekend and am wishing you a much better week.


  7. ronnie says:

    Spanking certainly does help with stress relief.

    I know what you mean about hold ups not reaching up your thighs. I have that trouble with being tall but they fit you very nicely.



  8. SublimeWifey says:

    When I'm forced to climb into the driver's side from the passenger seat I find it appropriate to test my driver's side door to see if it opens properly … several times … and if that dings the side of the vehicle that so rudely parked too close to me, well so be it. It's like giving the other car a spanking, so I suppose it's a type of stress relief. 🙂

    Hope you have a better week.


  9. Lea says:

    @Susie, I know, right? I need my Comedy Central back!

    @ronnie, Thanks. It does take some shopping around to get them to fit right.

    @SublimeWifey, Haha, that's an idea! They may have a camera in the parking lot of my office though…


  10. Ana says:

    Good grief…you DID have a stressful week.

    (I am glad that I remembered you marking easily because you sure are marked in that picture. Ouch!)

    Since you like the cane, will you please take my next caning for me? I will pay you very well in Peeps. 😉

    Seriously, glad things are looking a bit better for you.


  11. Angel says:

    I use Alexander's words all the time: “terrible horrible no good very bad day” without the F word. Marne will like this comment.


  12. Anonymous says:

    Somehow, I manage to get the worst of both worlds. I was so anxious about the party on Saturday that I made myself sick for THREE days! And I mean SICK, absolutely miserable. Of course, I'm berating myself the whole time, because this is what I ALWAYS do, but I cannot convince myself that my fears are groundless, because, HELLO, I'M ABOUT TO GO INTO NYC AND GET MY BACKSIDE WHACKED! Not to mention that I didn't even know that I was going to be experiencing travel adventures to boot.

    So, I get to the party, face my fears, and I'm okay. No, I am more than okay.

    Spanking, the cause of and remedy for anxiety.

    I will never understand this.



  13. Lea says:

    @Ana, Hmm, that depends on the circumstances. I was shocked to discover I can really like the cane (because I'd always been terrified of it and thought it would remain a hard limit forever.) It just took a nice top to show me the way. I know, nice top= oxymoron.

    @Angel, She'll like the comment for you being good and not swearing or she's a fan of the book? I did say my version was the “adult” sequel. 😉

    @Regan, I totally hear ya! I still get really anxious before every trip for the weekends. But it's a “good” anxious, I suppose. Because I know they won't REALLY kill me. They won't, right??


  14. Anonymous says:

    I dunno, Lea! I. Just. Don't. Know.


    p.s. I hope you are having a better week!


  15. Lea says:

    @Regan, Gee, thanks for the comfort! 😉 It has been a better week, thank you.


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