Back To School: Celebrating Consensual Spanking Day

For anyone who hasn’t already heard, August 8 is officially consensual spanking day. Well, I don’t know how official it is. I don’t know where that came from or who started it, but I kept hearing about it all over the place. Of course you are reading this on August 9, or maybe even later, so it probably isn’t very helpful information to you at this point. Sorry. But it does lead in to the story of how I celebrated this lovely spanko holiday.

I was told to be ready in my uniform. I got properly attired in my white polo shirt, red plaid skirt, white knee high stockings, boyshort panties, and glasses for good measure. I wanted to appear studious, after all. Mr. Peterson came over while I was watching T.V. and should’ve been doing my homework. Oops. I was in trouble with him already and that didn’t help my case.

He sat down and quickly pulled me across his lap. He wasted no time and flipped up my skirt (that honestly wasn’t covering all that much to begin with) and began spanking me with his hand over my panties. He focused on the lower sit spots that were unprotected so those being on for the moment didn’t help me much. He told me that I should’ve been doing my homework and that it would take some work if I expected to pass his class.

I told him that his hand had certainly gotten harder throughout the semester, but I suppose that was my own fault for ending up over his lap so often that it built up his strength. He agreed. I know, the ONE time he agrees with me. My bottom was stinging and quite pink at that point as the smacks from his hand increased in intensity. He paused and rubbed my back and my sore cheeks. “Miss White, I think you are going to need to complete some extra credit if you expect to pass.” Being the good girl at heart that I am, I complied.

Well you didn’t think I was going to explain what the extra credit was, did you? I don’t want to upset any of the other students or have them thinking I’m getting special treatment. I’ll just say that I accomplished my task and he was quite happy with my efforts and clear commitment to my continuing education. Do you think I got off easy? From the spanking, I mean. Geez, get your mind out of the gutter! I felt that I needed a bit more and with unprecedented forwardness, I told him so.

He was quick to comply and I soon found myself lying on the bed, panties now gone. He warmed me up with a wooden paddle and it didn’t take long for the swats to get harder and harder. My legs were kicking as I began to squirm and he leaned into me, his arm securing around my waist. I hate it when I’m left helpless in that position as he has full control and the spanking just gets harder. Okay fine, maybe it’s kind of a love/hate thing. He switched to the leather paddle which put me into full helpless squirming mode.

Mr. Peterson had certainly taken me seriously when I said that I needed a bit more because that still wasn’t the last of it. He cycled through a leather strap and also the terribly stingy cane. I really did try to lie still but I never can when the cane comes out. I was left with a very reddened bottom and a few little welts to remember it by. We snuggled for a bit, but the evening soon came to an end as he had another class to get to. Mr. Peterson, you’re my favorite teacher. 😉 And that is how I spent Consensual Spanking Day. How about you?

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I'm a shy bottom with a sharp wit. :-)
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9 Responses to Back To School: Celebrating Consensual Spanking Day

  1. Anonymous says:

    I watched Breaking Bad with a friend. I lead a life of excitement and kink.



  2. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm…I spent my CSD in a high school, taking a test for two hours. And then I just…went home. Clearly, I have completely misunderstood how all of this is supposed to work. I guess I'm failing the whole Consentual Spanking course!

    Thanks for posting! 🙂



  3. joeyred51 says:


    Thank you for a terrific account of your day with Mr. Peterson. I think it is fun putting on a school uniform for a spanking.

    Have a great weekend.

    See you soon!



  4. A.S.S. says:

    Happy Consensual Spanking Day to you too! The idea comes from the Spanish speaking spanko world. Believe it is Spain to be exact, from several years ago.

    It sounds like you had the PERFECT celebration too. Very nice.

    ~Todd and Suzy


  5. Emen says:

    I thought every day was consensual spanking day. Please don't tell me I'm going to have to send greeting cards for this now.

    But you certainly did it up proud.


  6. SublimeWifey says:

    I too thought everyday was Consensual Spanking Day. Either way, I might be consenting, but my spanker isn't in a spanking mood lately. Get this … back to school stress! I like the spankings to alleviate stress, he can't spank when he's feeling stressed. We need equilibrium soon or I'm going to burst!

    Glad you had a great day. I think this is a holiday worth expanding to a full week.


  7. SNP says:

    Well, you did more than me on CSD!
    Happy Weekend, Lea.


  8. Ana says:

    Aw, cute. I am glad that you enjoyed your day. 🙂


  9. Lea says:

    @S, That sounds pretty fun!

    @Regan, Don't worry, if you go to the party tonight you'll get your chance for a raincheck.

    @joey, It is fun to do something a little different once in a while.

    @Todd and Suzy, Ah, thank you for history!

    @Emen, I'm totally okay with it being every day. And I'd love to participate every day.

    @SublimeWifey, I agree, a full week it is!

    @SNP, Thanks, hope you're having a good weekend as well!

    @Ana, I definitely enjoyed it. Hope you're having a good weekend!


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