Losing My Bruising?

*Disclaimer- This post is going to have a lot of pictures of my butt, and some of a very bruised butt at that. If that type of content bothers you, may want to skip this one.

I vividly remember my first adult spanking. Over the years, I tend to remember the little details of my spankings. I could say what the reason for the spanking was, how I was feeling about it, how I felt after (emotionally), what I was wearing (or not), where I was. The pain isn’t usually a clear detail after the fact. I definitely know that some spankings were more severe than others and can recall what implements may have been used. But the physical pain from one to the next is hard to compare.
I remember that first one clearly though. How nervous I was to see if this was going to be everything I’d fantasized about for years or just a big mistake and a letdown. It didn’t last long. It wasn’t very hard, with what I have to compare to now anyway. But it hurt. I was surprised how much it hurt and thought for a moment, “why the hell did I want to do this?” But I did want it. And I still do.
After the belt, Sept 2011
I’ve never liked pain. I feel I’m kind of a wuss and not just in the spanking realm. This has been a baffling concept to other kinksters over time. Why would I be a spanko if I don’t like the pain? I don’t know. I just am. Besides the pain, another thing I still remember about that first spanking is how I immediately bruised. This was from maybe 10 or so swats on my bare bottom. It was enough to almost scare my ex away from spanking me again because he didn’t want to hurt me.
I’ve always bruised easily. I’m one of those people who will run into a door and then the next day look down at my leg and think “where the fuck did that huge bruise come from?” Someone can poke me hard and a bruise will appear. I’ve just always been that way. No, there’s nothing medically wrong with me. I don’t have an iron issue or anything like that. It just is what it is. Or maybe I should say “was.”
SCONY weekend, Sept 2011
Over this last year, I feel like I’m finally losing a bit of my bruising ability. It’s actually really annoying me. Why the change? Have I gotten tougher? Extremely unlikely. Has my skin possibly toughened up a bit? Maybe. Am I being spanked harder/more frequently? Yes to the latter. Is my top so nice and gentle that there are no after effects? Definitely not. My nickname was “Real-lea purple” for a reason. It was the one distinctive trait I had. 
I know, I know. It’s not a competition. But if it was, I’d be losing. Lol. I definitely have no high tolerance to speak of. If I don’t even mark anymore then I’m just another spanko in the sea with nothing to show for it. I didn’t use to photograph myself at all so don’t have any pictures until about 2 years into being somewhat regularly spanked. Marking appears to lessen in time. You be the judge.
After SCONY party, Nov 2011
Picture 3 was after a 5 day SCONY weekend. That used to be a pretty average amount of bruising for me after a party. Picture 4, above, was from last November. I flew out for a one night SCONY party in NYC. I did play like 10 or 11 times in one night. And then had a pretty severe scene the next day. So that one was post hairbrushes, canes, straps, and many hands. It took about a week to fade away.
Testing a new strap, Jan 2012
Post St. Patrick’s party 2012
Post St. Patrick’s party 2012
The ones above after a party in March 2012 were quite a bruise-fest. That was from one scene but it was a hard one. Two tops and we went through just about every implement in my bag and both of theirs. Anyone who regularly photographs their bottom knows that redness and bruising show up lessened in pics, though I don’t know why. It looked a bit worse than this. One of the people who I’d never played with before actually commented on the marking during the scene, saying “oh cute, you have like an immediate panty line of bruises.” And people think I exaggerate!
SCONY weekend, April 2012. Least bruising ever.
Spanked at party, June 2012
SCONY weekend, Oct 2012
Hallween party 2012
It’s bugging me that there are an uneven number of pictures in this post, so here is one more just because.
I suspect that there can’t really be anything done about this bruising change, but if you have experienced this I’d be curious to hear your thoughts. This is the end of my whining about my lack of uniqueness, for now.

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I'm a shy bottom with a sharp wit. :-)
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13 Responses to Losing My Bruising?

  1. PK says:

    Wow! You do bruise! I just don't. It's not like I want to or anything, but the few bruises I have gotten over the years have kinda felt like badges of honor.



  2. Erica says:

    The depth and coverage of your bruising really is amazing! I am an easy bruiser as well — my shins and thighs are constantly splotched with evidence of my klutziness. But yes, the bottom does toughen, much like a top's hand does after repeated use. The skin transforms; my bottom skin feels different from the rest of my skin, after years and years of play.

    I still get extremely red. But my bruising days are long over. If I get a bruise nowadays, it's quite a surprise.


  3. Marne says:

    Unlike you, Lea, I don't appreciate bruises! And I bruise easily, too. I tend to bruise less the longer I'm in the scene. Of course, being married to my favorite Top helps “toughen” my skin!


  4. joeyred51 says:


    I have had bruising like yours after a very hard scene about fifteen months ago. But, now I do not bruise as much and it does not last.

    I saw how fast you bruised at SL. No one I know bruises like you.



  5. Daaayuum girl! Lol, you do bruise quite a bit .. i'm like you, if I get a spanking – I almost expect there to be evidence of it .. If I feel i've gotten a hard spanking, look in the mirror, and it's barely pink, I have a wtf moment. Skin definitely changes over time though, so I guess it's normal!


  6. SNP says:

    WOW, Lea. I have to tell you that your bruises scare me just a little bit. But, I know you like spanking and you say you want it. You are an adult and you participate with good folks. But, at first glance these look a bit scary. I wonder if there is a vitamin you could take to help with this? Erika and Joey are experienced spankers so I know they know more. It sounds like you know yourself and your limits well. Stay safe and keep having fun. I wish you luck on finding something to help with the bruising!


  7. Anonymous says:

    You've definitely been bruising less lately. I feel like we've been playing as hard as ever. the st patty's party was the hardest probably.

    Maybe we should conduct an experiment.. of whatever sort means i get to see more pictures of your bottom.



  8. ronnie says:

    You do bruise quite a bit. Funny, if I've knock my leg or arm, bruise appears quickly but hardly ever bruise on my bottom after a spanking.



  9. Kaelah says:

    You really (used to?) bruise a lot, Lea. I only had such a deep bruising three times, after my first-ever play and after two very severe fifty strokes cold canings. The problem is that I need a while to heal when I am bruised like that, so I am quite happy that it doesn't happen too often. I can relate to your unhappiness about seemingly losing your ability to bruise, though. Many regular players seem to lose that ability (and the ability to mark at all, too). That's one of the reasons why Ludwig and I don't play too regularly. But maybe you are lucky and the bruising gets only less which means more play and less healing time? Something in the middle of bruising extremely and not marking at all sounds nice to me. 🙂


  10. Lea says:

    @PK, It can be nice to have something to look back on to remember it.

    @Erica, Your redness definitely fades fast. I usually go home with more bruises on my arms and legs than my butt after parties. Lol.

    @Marne, I don't think I'll ever completely not have a mark or redness, but seem to be lessening with time as well.

    @joey, You are definitely a C.I.A. compared to me!

    @playful little brat, It is annoying not seeing any evidence left over when looking in the mirror.


  11. Lea says:

    @SNP, I know a lot of people are uncomfortable with heavy bruising, hence the disclaimer. It's something I am okay with. I've tried Vitamin C, daily multivitamins, lotion, Arnica gel, bags of ice. Still bruise.

    @S, I think we've been playing hard too. I'm not sure I like the sound of this experiment. 😉

    @ronnie, It sounds like you have built up a tolerance as well.

    @Kaelah, 50 strokes of the cane would kill me! I agree that something in the middle, some lasting color but nothing that takes weeks to fade, would be lovely.


  12. Well..Lea, remember when you were frustrated that you couldn't get enough playtime because spankers would look at your bottom and say they weren't comfortable continuing or spanking you over bruises? Think of this as a chance to get more spankings in. 🙂

    Also, yes, I do think that the marking does happen less over time.


  13. Lea says:

    @Ana, That's true. Though only matters much at the two times of the year I go to spanking parties and play a lot. At home, there is no competition for my backside. Lol.


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