Sexy Olympic Games

Last weekend was the NLA-U members party and the theme was the Sexy Olympic Games. That meant many chances for people to compete and get messy. You can probably guess that the combination of the outdoors, getting dirty, and wearing minimal to no clothing meant I did not compete. You guessed right. Lol. But it was entertaining watching a lot of people get involved and have fun with all the activities. And there were many activities to choose from.

Things kicked off with a triathlon type race involving a hand cuff crawl, wheelbarrow race, and three legged race with the legs wrapped up in Saran wrap. Then there was the dunk tank shotput. Some adventurous person seemed to be the volunteer for the night getting repeatedly dunked as many came up to throw. There were many with pretty good aim which did not surprise me.

Another event was the Messy Twister. There was a big inflatable Twister board adding to the difficulty of the game. The messy part came in with all the colored dots being covered in frosting. And so it became bouncy, messy, slippery Twister. Luckily for my insurance carrier, I did not compete in this one either. There were many other coordinated and flexible folks who looked to be having fun with it though.

SP and I slipped away for our scene while the majority of people were preoccupied outside. Or so we thought. I headed downstairs to the room that has the spanking bench and it was already in use. He didn’t seem to feel like waiting so bent me over the sink right there in the downstairs kitchen area. He flipped my dress up out of the way and spanked me with his hand. He has a very hard hand. This was my first scene with him and I figured that would be the case. I was squirming from the sting and could feel my bottom reddening up already. He warned me that the last few would be the hardest and I braced myself through the final few swats. We ended with a hug and rejoined everyone outside.

The final event was Jello wrestling. There were some tough competitors in this one and a few drawn out matches. I had a good position to watch from up on the deck. Others who were judging were not as lucky and got a lot of the Jello stuff flung on them by proximity. There was a pool full of water next to the Jello pool that people were sliding into to rinse off in after they were done. It went several rounds to come to the finalists wrestling each other.

I missed the latter part of it as T and I went inside to play. We headed downstairs and the spanking bench was available. We’d talked at a previous party about my 10 second rule meaning that my clothes need to be able to come off in 10 seconds or less to allow for all spanking opportunities. (Because that comes up all the time, right?) He was well within the rule flipping my dress up in one second flat as I laid across the bench. This was our second time playing and fortunately much more air conditioned than the previous occasion. He spanked me mostly with his hand and he’s another hard handed guy. My bottom was stinging from that before he even got out some sort of wooden stick. I held up through it and so did the implement.

SyrBigDog’s Olympic cake!

I was back outside in time for the closing ceremonies. Medals for bronze, silver, and gold were given out along with prizes. I wish I’d taken a picture because the medals B made were awesome. The medals hung from a saran wrap necklace filled with condoms, little packets of lube, and a penis whistle. Greek food was served for the night and SyrBigDog made this awesome BDSM olympics cake. My camera sucks and doesn’t have a flash but you can see it there. It was delicious, as is everything she’s ever made. S has been out of town so missed this party. I missed him and thought I may not play at all without him there, but I ended up getting spanked twice and was a happy girl. I hope everyone had a blast at the party. I sure did.

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2 Responses to Sexy Olympic Games

  1. joeyred51 says:

    I bet it was fun to watch.



  2. Lea says:

    @Joey, It was a fun party!


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