Happy 34th Justin!

Happy 34th birthday to Justin Timberlake! “Here We Go” again. You’ve been a huge success since such a young age because you just “Do Your Thing.” Every “Senorita” wishes she could “Rock Your Body” and be your “Girlfriend.” I know, I know. There’s “That Girl.” Jessica. But “Just Don’t Tell Me That.” I’m “Crazy For You” even through the bad times.

And by that I mean some of your hairstyle choices. “Last Night” I was remembering the braids, the ‘fro, the Ramen noodle looking ‘do. “It Makes Me Ill” to think about some of it. Thank goodness you’ve said “Bye Bye Bye” to bad style. But none of that matters, “This I Promise You.” You’re the icon who brought “SexyBack.” I’ll love you “Until the End of Time.” I’ll always have “Tunnel Vision” when it comes to the King of “Pop.” Happy birthday!

I’m attending an NLA-U party tonight and there WILL be a Justin Timberlake scene. I’ll be back with that story. Stay tuned!

About Lea

I'm a shy bottom with a sharp wit. :-)
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