Spanked In Hollywood

                     Viva Las Vegas

Hi! Big Brother Blogger is kicking off any blog with adult/explicit content so I’ve found myself displaced. Please bear with me as I figure things out over here. 🙂 This will be my first post on WordPress.

I recently went on a trip. I drove to California to stay with my friends SY and SG for a few days. One of the bonuses to driving is the freedom to stop and arrange spankings on the way. It was about 7 hours from home to Las Vegas. I stopped there for the night and was able to meet up with my friend C who I first met at Shadow Lane a few years ago. Travel tip- picking a hotel right across from the airport is perfect for these purposes. The planes coming and going make a lot of noise so a bit of spanking in the room is easily covered up. I heard no complaints.

It was good to see him again and as shown in the above picture, I left Vegas with some color. After a better night’s sleep than the previous night, I headed out for the unknown leg of my trip- Calfornia. I was born out there but have lived in Utah since I was 6. I haven’t visited in over 10 years and have never driven in CA. So this part made me nervous. I was expecting terrible traffic and fast drivers trying to run me over. I was right. After 6 hours and a LOT of traffic, I made it to my destination. It is quite a drive and my car doesn’t have cruise control. Yeah, that was fun.

I was woken up the following morning with a spanking before SY had to leave for work. That’s always a great way to start the day, but I was able to get some more sleep after he left. That evening an impromptu dinner had been planned with some awesome ladies and fellow bloggers- Erica, Alex, and SpankCakes. I’m glad everyone was able to meet up. I had fun catching up and we all talked for so long the place was closing down around us as we were still sitting at our table. Erica commented that that’s happened to them before.

                              The Pacific

One thing I didn’t manage to do while I was there was to really go to the beach. But after taking a wrong turn one afternoon, I did find it. I pulled over in an area where I was supposed to have a parking permit and got out of the car long enough to snap a few pictures. The temps were 70-80 through the week but the water was probably far too cold for swimming. But I got my picture and then found a Jack in the Box. We don’t have those in Utah. Very exciting stuff.

Now we’re getting to the Hollywood part mentioned in my title here. The Hollywood Spanking Group which meets in, you guessed it- Hollywood, happened to have a party the weekend I was there. My friends have attended before and took me along. It was interesting seeing an L.A. area dungeon. The party was held at The Lair.

So we arrived at the party in Hollywood. No, I didn’t see the famous sign but I hear it’s overrated anyway. And dirty. The people were friendly. There were also some folks around who I think run the place and weren’t specifically there for the party. Everyone was nice and there was some entertaining conversation. I wasn’t sure if I’d end up playing aside from with SY because I hadn’t talked to other attendees ahead of time. Networking always helps when going to a new place. But I did end up being asked. A newish guy, B, was the first. He spanked me with his hand and then used a wooden spoon. I think the spoon may have broken on me at the end. This is why you buy things meant to withstand hitting people. 🙂

After the party

             After the party

Then I had a second scene with R. He told me he actually spent some time living in Utah. Most people couldn’t even pick it out on a map. I laid across his lap and got a nice hard hand spanking. I was well warmed up at that point. And this time that wasn’t even a complaint about the fucking humidity. 😉 My final spanking was delivered by SY. His hand alone can always do me in. My bottom was on fire at that point and then he still pulled out a little wooden hairbrush. Never be fooled by the size, those ones are the worst! I was squirming all over and quite verbal by then. Stupid hairbrushes.

That was the last spanking of my vacation. We headed back to their place soon after. I had to pack back up and leave the next morning, though not as early as I planned. Because of that I got to Vegas later than on the way down and wasn’t able to meet up with C again. But I was pretty exhausted at that point. The next day of driving was even longer. Overall it was a really fun trip. I was happy to spend time with friends, get some spankings, some time away, and meet a few new people. And now California is officially added to my spanking map!

Lea's Spanking Map. I've been spanked in the blue states.

                                                        Lea’s Spanking Map. I’ve been spanked in the blue states.


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I'm a shy bottom with a sharp wit. :-)
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5 Responses to Spanked In Hollywood

  1. Bonnie says:

    Hi Lea,

    Thank you for sharing this fun adventure!

    Welcome to WordPress. I will update your links to reflect your new address. Hermione says that Google has backed off of their threat to eradicate adult blogs this month.

    I too created a WordPress blog (and amazingly all my posts and comments and graphics successfully imported). One of my blogrolls, however, did not. Now I’m not sure what I’m going to do.

    Have a wonderful week!



    • lea27f says:

      Hi Bonnie! I had to manually enter every blog link from Blogger into my WordPress list for blogs I follow (what a pain)! Yours was one it wouldn’t led me add. It gave a message about “no RSS feed” or something. Any idea what that’s all about? It happened on a few others too.

      Then I had to go and manually enter them all again into the Links list that shows on the main page here. On that it led me add anything, even www addresses. I guess there are some weird quirks to figure out still.


  2. Bonnie says:

    Hi Lea,

    I’m sorry you’re having trouble with my feed. The address should be:

    I hope this helps.



  3. Erica Scott says:

    Welcome to WP, fellow Blogger refugee! Yet another thing we have in common.


  4. lea27f says:

    @Bonnie, Thanks! That worked!
    @Erica, Thanks for the welcome! Still trying to figure this all out. I just spent way too much time this evening screaming at the computer because text won’t easily just fit left or right next to a picture. Grr.


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