Singing And Spanking

snowI recently attended the SCONY Mountain Weekend and had a wonderful time. I was a bit worried about getting out of Utah as we’d had some serious wind and snowstorms for several days leading up to my flight. Yep, in April. Sigh. The plane was delayed for about an hour, after we were on board of course, so they could de-ice the plane. In fucking April. But alas, I made it to NYC the next morning. Had my Dunkin Donuts at JFK and then my friend Joey picked me up. It was great to see him again and we caught up and excitedly talked about plans for the upcoming party. We picked up MK and then were on our way to our destination. Time always passes quickly on the way there.

I don’t notice many of my surroundings despite this being my 12th SCONY weekend. (Good thing I’m not the driver.) But as we got within a few miles I started to recognize things. And as we headed up that final hill I felt the familiar butterflies in my stomach in anticipation of all that was to come. A handful of folks were already there and there were hugs all around. I’m always dead tired at this point since I cannot sleep on a plane so got settled in my room. At that point I noticed someone else had been in there first and there was already a collection of Peeps and roasting skewers on the side table. I love my friends and their enabling. 😉

I took a nap and changed and went back to the lobby to see everyone else who had arrived. coffee-and-cake3I get as excited to see the staff at the resort as I do the rest of my friends. They’re really great and an extension of our little family. I think by dinner about half of the guests were there with the rest to come the following day. I tend to sit at different tables at each meal time because I want to talk a bit with everyone. It all goes by so quickly and I always end up wishing I’d talked more with so-and-so or played again with whats-his-face. That’s just the nature of parties. Time flies when you are having fun. There’s always the next one.

hand-holding-scrutces-isoleted-on-whiteAfter coffee and dessert, Joey asked me if I had been spanked yet. He’s so polite. I said I had not and we went upstairs to Room 10. He was a real trooper this weekend as he was on crutches the whole time and the location has LOTS of hills and stairs. Every time I turned around though he was going off to play again so I hope it didn’t cramp his style too much. We made it upstairs and I bent over the desk in the room as he spanked me with his hand. I immediately noticed a change in his hand and commented that it was much stingier than I remembered. We determined that months of using crutches had made his hands tougher. (A few others were later surveyed and the majority agreed.) His hand was quite sufficient in turning my bottom pink and he finished off with his leather paddle. It was a great way to officially kick off the weekend.

After dinner people dispersed and most of us headed down to the lounge for karaoke. karaokeThere are many grumps in our midst who will not sing, even under duress, but karaoke is one of my favorite parts of the weekend. I sang a lot this time and kept getting pulled into group numbers as well. There were already tops with twitching palms looking for bottoms to take upstairs but I’m here to sing, people! Sheesh! CM and I went up and sang “It’s Gonna Be Me” which was my first ‘N Sync number there. That was pretty great. The key to karaoke is to sing things that most people will know and sing along with. And something upbeat and on the shorter side is usually preferable.

I once went to karaoke with someone who sang Tool and I was like wtf? Terrible karaoke choice as it’s like 50 min long and people are falling asleep listening to you. I did my share of singing and by the end of the night my throat was really hurting. It had been a little sore the past few days and this did not help. I think “I’m The Only One” by Melissa Etheridge did me in. It was getting late and I was too tired to try to go to the hot tub. I’d requested a bedtime flogging from Mr. A and he was nice enough to oblige. But distracted and procrastinating me forgot to pack my flogger. Oops. I realized that as soon as my flight landed and let him know and he was able to bring one of his.

grndeer2We’d had a scene like this before and like this time it was one of my favorites of the weekend. Floggers aren’t something I commonly see in the spanking scene so it’s hard to find someone who is skilled with one. I think a lot of people are intimidated by them, but they don’t have to be severe in use. I laid on the bed and he started out flogging lightly up and down my body to warm up my skin. My back and legs are not accustomed to impact like my bottom is. He built up the intensity and it got harder but it was still a nice cross between stingy and thuddy impact. Very relaxing and a massage-y kind of feel. Almost hypnotic. We had been talking back and forth throughout but towards the end I was groggy and very ready for bed. We finished and said goodnight. I fell asleep soon after feeling very relaxed and my skin warm and tingly. Day 1 was a success.


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I'm a shy bottom with a sharp wit. :-)
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3 Responses to Singing And Spanking

  1. Jean says:

    Thanks for sharing! I’m so glad they remember you with peeps! I always try to keep peeps in the house


  2. Anonymous says:

    Ahem! I am not a grump because I did not choose to sing at karaoke! –regan


  3. Lea says:

    @Jean, The Peeps are always remembered. Better to be remembered for something a little weird than not remembered at all, right?
    @regan, Sure, sure.


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