The Big 30- Birthday Spankings!


Found this online and it made me laugh.

I turned 30 near the end of August. Yay Virgos! Way to plan every last bit of your own birthday celebrations! Hey, someone’s gotta do it. As a milestone birthday this was a particularly hard one. I think a woman’s 30 is a man’s 40. Let the mid-life crisis begin! One way to distract myself from the failure that is my life was to focus on fun things like spankings. I’m a spanko and I will milk my birthday for all it’s worth, dammit! Fortunately I have some kinky friends who were willing to help me out so I started the celebrations a bit early. A few parties near that time were also a nice addition.

The week before my birthday I was visiting with a friend. I knew I wouldn’t see him again in the month so asked for my first official birthday spanking. It may have not been posed as a question.. I can’t remember. Either way, he was kind enough to oblige. I received 30 swats with his hand and then some. Plenty to grow on. Then he asked me to bring him some plastic thing with holes in it that was across the room. I brought it back over and guessed it was going to be on the thuddier side. It was. That got me squirming and even left a few little bruises. I went home a happy girl. Thank you, friend.

Post flogging

Post flogging

A few days after that, I had another friend visit me. I had asked him for a flogging knowing he was skilled in that area, but he’d never flogged me before. I don’t think his hands are accustomed to much spanking so I was giving him a break. I’m nice like that. I care about my tops. He arrived armed with several different floggers and a galley whip, I think he called it, and they were put to good use. I rarely get impact on my back so am particularly wussy in that area, but I did alright. He said I had a seasoned bottom so went a bit harder on that area. He gave me a good warm up all over and varied the intensity throughout. Some parts were ouchier than others, some relaxing. I ended up all nice and tingly and really enjoyed it.

At the NLA-U party

At the NLA-U party

Two days before my birthday happened to be the NLA-U members party.  In previous years they have had a party near the end of August as well. The last time I had a whole line of people with various implements doing a few swats each. That type of scene at a party can quickly turn into a “who’s the domliest” pissing match though and I wanted to keep it fun. This time I had a few separate scenes. The first one was with M. We’d played once previously and I had worn out his hand. This time he was prepared. He is very hard handed and had me squirming all over the place. I could feel the heat emanating from my backside. I suspected he had been hitting bags of sand in his free time, but he denied it. You won this time, M. I’m ready for Round 3 at a later date when I don’t have other spankings coming. 😉

At the NLA-U party

At the NLA-U party

A bit later that night I also played with S. He has gotten much more hard handed since knowing me. I wonder how that happened? Sometimes I’m glad that is the case. Usually those times are when I’m not still sensitive from a previous scene. He spanked me with his hand and also used a few implements he’d brought. I requested leather and canes. I always love the belt. He ended it with a final 30 swats that I counted out loud and told me happy birthday. Someone had asked me earlier if I’d be spanked to Justin Timberlake music again. I said uh, no, that’s for when it’s HIS birthday. Not for my birthday. That doesn’t even make sense. Sheesh.

E and B were about to head home so before they left they each gave me 30 spanks with some leather implement. I meant to inquire later what that was. Those were my final birthday spankings for the night. I had some nice color and a few marks later. In the week following my birthday I got to spend some more time with S, go out to my favorite restaurant, get some more spankings, and annoy him with announcements of things I was doing for the first time in my 30’s. “This is the first alcoholic drink I’ve had in my 30’s.” “This is the first meal I’ve gone out for in my 30’s.” “This is the best sex I’ve ever had in my 30’s.” Well nobody would really be annoyed by that last one, right? Thank you to everyone who remembered and acknowledged my birthday and added to my fun!

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I'm a shy bottom with a sharp wit. :-)
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3 Responses to The Big 30- Birthday Spankings!

  1. Erica Scott says:

    Happy, happy belated birthday! Hope you got even more at Shadow Lane. 😀


  2. Lea says:

    From one Virgo to another, Happy birthday! I went through (am still going through?) something similar when I turned 30 in regards to life crises..


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