What Do You Think This Is, A Holiday Inn?

Does anybody remember that ad campaign? I found one of the old commercials below.

A while back when my Spanko Vision was getting to me, I had my own idea for a Holiday Inn ad. Here’s how it would go. A couple is engaging in some spanking activity in their bedroom when another member of the household enters, bothered by all the noise, and says “Hey, I’m trying to get some sleep out here. What do you think this is, a Holiday Inn?” I think that’s pretty funny if I do say so myself, but not sure how the Holiday Inn people would feel about it.

This is all leading to the story of celebrating my anniversary with J at, you guessed it, a Holiday Inn. We checked in and were placed right in the middle of several other occupied rooms on the main floor. But I decided to hell with it, I wasn’t going to try to keep quiet. If someone is bothered, that’s their problem! I’m usually more courteous than this, but really, it’s a hotel. What do people think may go on at a hotel? Many different kinds of noisy activities, that’s what.

J had read my previous blog post where I mentioned getting 4 swats for our 4 year anniversary. So out came the leather paddle as he applied 4 hard swats right on my sit spot. Not that my panties were offering much protection anyway, but they soon came down as he continued spanking me with the paddle and alternating with his hand. Now I’ve stayed in a few different hotels but in this particular room it seemed as if everything echoed. The whole hotel seemed to be dead silent except for our room. Every slap and oww must’ve been heard all the way to the parking lot.

My bottom colors up quite easily but in some odd phenomenon on this night, it kept fading. It was a nice shade of pink after the encounter with the leather paddle, but about half an hour later you never would’ve guessed it. J didn’t find this acceptable and said he’d better do something to change that. Rolls eyes. I don’t know who does the interior design for the hotel, but I think that person is a spanko. There was furniture oddly placed throughout the rooms that seemed to have no purpose there other than to have something around to bend someone over. Even the shower/tub combo was designed in a way that there was a spot to sit at the back by the wall. Now why would that need to be there unless it was to allow the seated person to yank the other occupant of said shower over their knee? Just sayin’. And don’t say it could allow the seated person to shave their legs in the tub or something, now you’re getting a bit unrealistic.

Needless to say, my backside changed to pink and back a few more times throughout the night. Aside from the leather paddle, a crop and a rubber whippy thing joined the party. The crop is heart shaped on the business end and always leaves interesting little welts. Now a light-hearted tone to a spanking does not necessarily equal a light spanking, but I find that I can take a lot more when my mind is moving on to err… other things. Soon the oww’s turned to aah’s and well, I won’t get into the rest. We didn’t receive any complaints about the noise, but if someone was listening then I suppose they got some free entertainment. Lol. So in review, are hotel walls soundproof? I’d say no, but people are probably too embarrassed to approach anyone about it. Lucky us. And a well spanked wife is a happy wife. And what’s that other saying? Happy wife, happy life. So if you put that all together, that means you need to incorporate spanking to have a happy life. Or something like that. 🙂

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I'm a shy bottom with a sharp wit. :-)
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9 Responses to What Do You Think This Is, A Holiday Inn?

  1. sarah thorne says:

    I am too worried of someone hearing to play in a hotel room. Unless, of course, that hotel room is a block of rooms for spankos at a spanking party! 🙂

    My bottom does the same thing. A few minutes after a spanking, I can look like I haven't been spanked at all. Which kinda sucks, because I still feel very sore. The visual makes hubby think that I need more so I “look the part”.




  2. Ursus Lewis says:

    Hehe, nice! And it reminds me, I need to book a hotel room…


  3. findingsara says:

    We've spanked in quite a few hotel rooms here and abroad. I am not sure what the neighbors thought, but no one has ever complained! I am glad you enjoyed your getaway!



  4. joeyred51 says:

    I am so glad that you and J had a wonderful experience.


  5. bree512 says:


    Happy anniversary! I am so glad that you both got away to do a spanking session, but I have a question. Why did you need to go to a hotel to have a spanking anniversay session? Was it because you just wanted to do it in a different venue or was it because you also wanted to visit whatever town or city you where in to do other activties? Or was it because you wanted to add to the excitement of knowing other strangers could hear you?

    Oh and by the way, the seat in the shower is for disabled people or older people so they could take a shower safely. It's not for having someone take another person over their lap and give them a spanking in the shower. Silly girl! Lol.


  6. Happy Anniversary. I dont find that i am bothered in a hotel room, chances are they are never going to see you again anyway.
    I always worry at home though if kids can hear or walking in LOL. In fact that happened to me on Saturday night, we went to bed and “played” with the cane LOL….knock knock and the door opens in walks my 12 year old son to say goodnight arrgghhhhhh LOL
    Its good we can move quick when we need to
    The next morning my son says he heard spanking or whacking….i denied all knowledge and thankfully it was a very windy night and he agreed with me it must have been the wind in the chimney!!!LOL.


  7. Lea says:

    @sarah thorne, classic Top Logic, isn't it?

    @Urs, if I was the one planning a trip I'd probably be told that procrastination is a spankable offense. Just sayin'.

    @findingsara, even if I was vanilla I can't imagine complaining to the hotel staff about noise. You share a wall, it comes with the territory.

    @joey, thank you! It was a very enjoyable anniversary.

    @bree, we didn't go to a hotel just for spanking. We do that at home regularly and gave up on caring about what the neighbors may hear long ago. We've stayed the night at a hotel for our anniversary before just to do something special, out of the ordinary.

    @kiwigirliegirl, thanks! I don't have kids myself but can imagine there are many times you'd have to get creative with excuses. 😉


  8. Hermione says:

    Hi Lea,

    I love your Holiday Inn ad idea! Whenever I travel and find myself in a room at the end of the corridor, I always think how perfect it would be for a spanking. Alas, when I travel on business, I am solo.

    Happy anniversary!



  9. Lea says:

    @Hermione, Ron can't join you? That's a bummer. I don't know the professions of my readers, but someone should work on making this ad right away. Hehe.


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