A Real Life Spanking Fairytale

Once upon a time, in a spanking land far, far away, there lived a girl named Lea. She was attending her first ever spanking event with a lovely group called SCONY. Okay, the far away land was Pennsylvania, so not that far away. She had discovered them online about 6 months prior when searching for spanking stories. She was amazed to find that there was a whole world of people out there who shared the desire of spanking that she had always felt and had kept hidden from the world. There were forces out there whom she learned were called “vanillas” that made all of these people keep this to themselves. But alas, groups were born where they could all join together in this shared kink and she was about to experience it firsthand.

Lea was married to a man named J. It had been decided with her husband that she would attend alone. She had gotten to know many of her new friends online quite well over the months, but he wasn’t really the most social fellow. This weekend would be a first for her and being spanked by someone other than her husband would be a first as well. And one that she was quite nervous about. This couple was quite new at this, you see. After much communication back and forth with others in this new group of friends, she decided she was ready for the next step. The time had come to pack up and make her travels East.

After a 12+ hour journey containing not one, but two layovers, Lea arrived at a horrid place called Allentown. If you’ve heard of it, you must be a Billy Joel fan or unfortunate enough to have passed through it’s airport. She finally met her new friend A face to face at the baggage claim. They hugged and talked excitedly about the weekend to come, though Lea still felt a bit sick to her stomach and extremely apprehensive. But where was the third party who would be driving to the destination with them? In a flight mix-up that had Lea quickly becoming annoyed with the place called Allentown, she discovered their friend was stuck in Philadelphia. So she and A travelled backwards to rescue their friend and then continued back along the road to their final destination.

Lea was in awe of these things called toll booths. They were everywhere! These did not exist in her homeland of Utah. And they seemed to keep passing the same ones. Yes, they had gotten a bit lost, even with 3 of them in the car armed with maps and GPS systems. Some nice scenery was seen, though. Eventually they arrived at their destination, the resort where this spanking weekend was being held. Hurrah! As soon as they stepped out of the rental car, the people on the porch rejoiced and rushed to greet them. Excited introductions were made all around and many hugs were exchanged. Lea was a bit taken aback by the affection shown but soon felt at home amongst the others. Much quicker than she had imagined.

It was a lot to take in for Lea, putting together all the names and faces after all these months. She was told the next day they would all get nametags and was relieved for that. She’d hardly slept throughout her journey to this strange place but certainly couldn’t rest now. She was too wound up with nerves and excitement in getting to know everyone. Lea was quite shy and didn’t know how others would take to her. Fortunately, she found that she warmed up to everyone quickly and they seemed to like her. One hurdle passed. Her sarcastic sense of humor always emerged when she got to know people better and she’d find out later how she would end up paying for that. More conversations ensued with more people arriving and greetings made. She finally met the leaders of the group and realized that nobody looked at all like she had imagined. They were all just normal people, like her. Well… “normal” is relative. Everyone joined in the feast for dinner and as with any good party, the night ended with booze and karaoke.

The next morning, she joined many of the others out on the porch to chat before breakfast. As Lea cracked a joke about something that sent her friend into a fit of laughter, her eyes met with L across the porch. This is what she had heard so much about and was now experiencing first-hand. “The Look.” She held his gaze for a moment and then blushed and looked away, as if looking elsewhere was going to make him disappear. She tried to act like she didn’t even notice, but when she stole a glance back in his direction, his gaze was still fixated on her. She focused on tugging a thread from the sleeve of her sweater but soon he was standing beside her. “Let’s go talk for a minute,” he said. She hesitantly stood and followed him up the stairs into the office. She wondered if he could hear her heart pounding in her ears as they walked.

He closed the door behind him as her stomach twisted into knots. Just relax. This is what you are here for, right? This is what you wanted, she argued with herself. Her internal debate stopped cold as they made eye contact once more. He asked her how she was doing and what she thought about things so far. She managed to form a few sentences in reply, though she couldn’t remember later what they were. They talked a bit about what she was looking for and soon it was down to business. He sat down and took her by the wrist, pulling her across his lap. She viewed the floor, palms down on the carpet, as the first swats landed across her bottom. She was reminded how much spanking hurt and again wondered why on Earth she craved this. He spoke to her as the smacks delivered by his hand gradually increased in intensity and she voiced her oow’s and aah’s. After a few minutes, he let her up and gave her a big hug. They rejoined the group on the porch and her friend commented on how she couldn’t seem to stop smiling. She smiled in response.

Much more fun was to be had throughout the weekend. Lea enjoyed getting to know her new friends better and had many interesting conversations. She quickly discovered that tops didn’t like the phrase “it’s not my fault,” which resulted in many bottoms being spanked. Since the thought of being spanked in front of other people made her want to go into a panic attack, the accuser decided they would meet at a later time to address it. She sat in her room with her stomach in knots waiting for that appointment to approach. She heard a bit of a commotion in the hallway before R finally knocked on her door. She later discovered that a helpful friend was trying to get rid of him for her, but to no avail. Lea opened the door and let him in, shyly retreating to the corner of the room to sit. She timidly chewed on her lower lip as he sat and talked with her for a few minutes, checking on how everything was going for her.

She could hardly focus on what he was saying because she was distracted by the terrifying piece of leather he’d carried in with him, that she now knew to be the FES (Flesh Eating Strap). Everyone else who was involved in the “it’s not my fault” debacle had received 5 swats with the FES and she was about to be introduced to it as well. He instructed her to take her pants down and get over his knee. She was 90% certain that she’d throw up on his lovely shoes out of anxiety. She’d warned him of that in previous communications. He had laughed and said that if it happened, he’d deal with it. Fortunately, it did not come up. (No pun intended.) His hand came down hard across her bottom as he reminded her of a few behaviors that needed correcting. Much to her surprise, she was quite compliant and spitting out “Yes, Sir,” and “No, Sir,” in no time. Soon she was up and bent over the bed for the dreaded FES. He said he was using it lightly as this was her first time and then 5 swats struck her like a swarm of bee stings. At that moment, little did she know what the future would hold and that he wasn’t lying. She pulled herself together and was given a big hug. The hugs were her favorite part.

Lea’s adventures continued and involved much laughter with her new friends. By the end of the weekend she wasn’t sure which was more sore, her bottom from the spankings or her abs from laughing so much. Things were winding down, some people were starting to go home, and that’s when M told Lea to meet her in the woodshed. She hesitantly made the walk there and sat and waited. She thought by now that the stomach in knots feeling would have left her, but it had not. M entered with a bag full of toys that made Lea’s eyes go wide. She soon found herself bent over a saddle and given an introduction to several paddles and straps. Her bottom was on fire and combined with all the emotions of the weekend coming forward, she started to sob. This had never happened during a spanking before. She felt oddly comforted, like a weight had been lifted off her chest. Her tears were freeing. She was hugged tightly as she gathered her emotions back together.

What a whirlwind the past few days had been for Lea. She had so many new experiences to process. She was so happy to have been able to do all of this and meet all these friends. She felt so at home amongst these people. She knew that she would certainly be back. After one more hiccup with the awful place called Allentown, she was headed home. She shifted uncomfortably on a very sore bottom throughout her flight but with a very big smile on her face. And all was well in Spankingland.

About Lea

I'm a shy bottom with a sharp wit. :-)
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12 Responses to A Real Life Spanking Fairytale

  1. Marne says:

    That was a fantastic fairytale, Lea! And the best part is that it's true, and it's going to happen again in April!

    See you there!


  2. Susie says:

    The idea of a spanking coming from anyone other than my husband scares the snot out of me BUT in reading your story all I see are notes of friendship,laughter and hugs. That's kinda neat! Sounds like a really nice group of friends…with a common interest.


  3. Anonymous says:

    As always Lea…another fun, interesting and lovely read..
    You will certainly make lots of shy
    spankees want to experience what we all have..

    PS..It's March…getting closer..



  4. joeyred51 says:


    Terrific account of your first weekend in Spankingland. I like the way you wrote about it as a fairytale. I can visualize everyone and every place in your story. Your description is as good as anyone can put into words. As you have accurately reported, is so much more than a bunch of people spanking each other. Thanks so much for recreating your experience for us.

    Brilliant account,



  5. reading your tale has made me even more certain that if ever we have anything like that over here I would be attending πŸ™‚
    thank you for sharing πŸ™‚ its an amazing story
    love and hugs kiwi xxx


  6. eileen061209 says:

    Yes, lea…

    The Spanking Weekend Kingdom of October, 2009 was a magical time. No doubt many bottoms attending the event for their first visit experience the anxiety, excitement and confusion you felt.

    But I am sad to hear you, too, suffered the agony of the FES on your maiden voyage. It was my understanding that the implement was NEVER used on newbies, until I said, “That was the FES? A piece of cake!” only to realize within seconds that the gentleman proprietor of said strap was only a few feet from me.

    I believe my heart has maintained an irregular beat since that moment. You know what I mean? Right, lea? Thank you for taking us back to a place seemingly long ago and far away.


  7. Erica says:

    (singing) Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you…

    Lucky Princess Lea!


  8. Lea says:

    @Marne, Indeed! Yay!

    @Susie, Well, they are a bit weird but I fit in quite nicely, so what can I say? πŸ˜‰

    @Deb, Oh you don't need to remind me! Only 42 days!

    @joey, Thank you! I still remember it quite vividly. πŸ™‚

    @kiwi, I wish you could attend, it's a wonderful time!

    @eileen, Today marks 3 years since I joined SCONY so I thought this story fit nicely. And yes, the FES not being used on newbies is an outright lie. The horror!

    @Erica, Now that's going to be in my head! πŸ˜‰


  9. Emen says:

    Wow, Lea, thank you for the Great Big Happy Friday Gift. I've never done anything like that and probably never will but always wondered. You not only made it informative and interesting but very hot as well.

    So that's where The Woodshed happened …


  10. Lea says:

    @Emen, Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I have many a story about the woodshed.


  11. Ursus Lewis says:

    It seems to be a long time ago, when we made the first trip to the spanking land…


  12. Lea says:

    @Ursus, It really does seem so long ago, but there are still many things I remember vividly.


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