Double Trouble

I’m the angel of course. Hehe…

At the recent SCONY weekend, I had many new experiences. One of those that I’d like to share here was being spanked alongside another bottom. This was something my mind had grappled with in the past. Normally I’m very private with my scenes. So private I blog about it. Lol. Seriously though, I’m extremely self conscious and the idea of public spanking and people watching me gives me major anxiety. It’s not even about staying fully clothed in public or anything like that, just the overall idea of it happening freaks me out. A scene involving a few other people isn’t exactly “public spanking” of course, but still something that I generally avoided. I have been spanked by two tops at once, and that was a good experience, so I won’t say never. But I had never had another bottom involved in the scene.

My spanking world has evolved since the beginning and this time around I was quite curious about having a group scene and decided to go for it. Fortunately, I was able to play out that scenario with two people I feel very comfortable with. Saying it was “fun” isn’t quite the term I want to use, because my backside certainly wasn’t having fun by the end of it. But for lack of a better term, yeah.. it was fun. 🙂 The top, Mr. C, certainly had his hands full. Pun intended. First, we locked him out of the room and Tricia and I laughed hysterically at his attempts to get in. After getting sick of hearing him banging on the door and hallway wall and not wanting to disturb all the occupants of the building (because I’m courteous like that), I opened the door to let him in. Bad move. Mr. C came flying through the door with his bag of implements and was not laughing along with us. Tops, where’s their sense of humor you know? They take everything so seriously…

Mr. C didn’t really appreciate our giggling at him. I had quickly retreated to the opposite side of the room after letting him in, so poor Tricia was in closer range. He gave her several swats and asked her if she still thought it was funny. She did… Lol. What did you expect? When bottoms get together it just increases the energy. You think we’ll go down easy? Never. Now aside from not participating in public spanking myself, I’ve never really been comfortable watching someone else get spanked. So this again was an all around new experience. As Mr. C was spanking Tricia, I just sort of stood there in awe and wasn’t sure where to be looking. Then he looked at me and said, “You’re next.”

I wasn’t sure how I was going to react in a group situation. Normally when I’m spanked I get really reserved and quiet, to the point where the top may wonder if I’m okay because I’m not easy to read. The dynamics with these two though, really let me play out that bratty role a bit. I was certainly more vocal than normal. Mr. C started spanking me with his hand and scolded me for letting Tricia be a bad influence on me. He asked if I was going to keep hanging out with her and I said yes. He asked me why as he spanked me harder. “Because I like her, she’s fun,” I giggled. That made her laugh too and you can imagine how that went. He crossed back over to her and delivered several hard swats that had me cringing before coming back to me.

He had me lay out on the bed next to Tricia which made it so I couldn’t see which implement he was grabbing next. I hate that. Hearing the spanking and her reactions to it first all the more increased that deliciously awful feeling of anticipation for me. He spanked me with some awful wooden thing, which I later found out was a backscratcher. Omg, did that little thing have an impact. That one had my legs really kicking. Mr. C pointed out that we weren’t laughing anymore. No, we weren’t. Once wood enters the picture any giggling is long gone, that’s for sure. Mr. C told us that we were both going to get a strapping. <insert sinking feeling in my stomach here> I had experienced this the day before and was not looking forward to it again. Tricia got it first as I braced myself. Then he gave me several smacks with the belt. He asked us if we’d learned our lesson and a chorus of “yes sir’s” was the quick reply. We were ordered to stand in the corner for a few minutes before things ended with a hug and I was sent to bed.

So that was that. I’d certainly be open to doing a group scene again, with the right people. After all, Tricia and I now have to get our revenge on Mr. C so the opportunity will probably present itself. >:) Hehe. Thank you to those involved for allowing me to share this experience and thank you for reading.

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I'm a shy bottom with a sharp wit. :-)
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6 Responses to Double Trouble

  1. joeyred51 says:

    Fantastic post Lea; another well told story. When you see or just hear someone being spanked and you know your next, it really does get your heart pounding. Revenge on a Top! That will be the day. Be careful he does not borrow the FES from Mr R. 🙂


  2. Ursus Lewis says:

    Omg, I can so see that scene happen… Congratulations to this new experience. Trying new stuff is never bad. If you like it, keep going, if not stop doing it. Very simple. But if you don't try, you might miss stuff you really like but did not know about. That would be a bummer.


  3. Lea says:

    @joey, it definitely increases the anxiety. And I've experienced the FES, but that's for another post. Lol.

    @Urs, wait…. the man who could hardly stand eating one little Peep just wrote “trying new stuff is never bad”? Hmm… 😉 It was a good experience and I look forward to trying it again.


  4. bree512 says:

    @Lea I am so happy for you Lea! {{{Lea}}} It gives me what I can only describe as a cozy warm feeling that another bottom has found some thing new that involves spanking to enjoy.

    Now let me share my experience and thoughts about my group spankings.

    It's always good to experiment and try something new. I think group spankings are fantabulous, but it's not for everyone either. That said….

    The group spank. An act of sharing of ones private emotions, be it serious and/or funny, with one or more bottoms and one or more Tops. A truly unique and selfless bonding experience with all parties involved. It's at the top end of the spanko list called “Best Spanking Experience Ever” for those who find it enoyable. The feelings before during and after – a super adrenaline rush.

    Mega-trust is involved in these scenes. Picking the right person or persons involved a big key in the success of a group spanking. Having fun with it a must factor. So many different variations involved it could never get boring.

    As one who has been the lead protagonist of group spankings, a nerve racking experience getting there. So much to take into account about the feelings, welfare and well-being of the other bottom or bottoms and also the Top or Tops. True concern and care for all involved. Planning but not overplanning so the scene flows as naturally as possible. A once in a lifetime undertaking.

    While I enojoyed the role as lead protagonist for a large group, it had it's draw backs. I can honestly say that I was more concerned about the other bottoms during the spanking and was therefore not foucused in my head in the correct file folder in my mind enough to enjoy the spanking I was receiving at the time like I should have been.

    It wasn't until all the other bottoms in the group spanking were dismissed one by one and I was left alone to endure the earned spanking for being the leader, that I was truly transported to nirvana to enjoy my spanking. In the end I found the love, caring, comfort and peace I was looking for in that one moment. And yeah…it was so inexplicably worth it!!!

    Lea, funny how most of us are evolving in the same direction here. Hmmmmm….

    One step at a time. At each others own pace and comfort level. It amazes me sometimes and makes me serenely happy for each one of us. The spanking club we belong to has a profound effect in that happening, as do the leaders of our group.




  5. Ursus Lewis says:

    Well, I tried it, didn't I? I never will eat a Peep again, but I tried it once.


  6. Lea says:

    @bree, playing it out with the people you are most comfortable with is certainly a must. It's definitely something I'd be open to trying again.

    @Urs, I'll never fault you for trying. Now on to Slurpees… 🙂


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