New York, I Love You (Part 2)

R.E.M. shares my somber feelings of coming back home. But back to the party update, I was only halfway through the night in my previous post here. My friend Y who had shown up unexpectedly that night finally caught up with me to play. He is one who can really do me in but was pretty nice to me this particular evening knowing I had a lot of appointments. We went into a booth and he bent me over a chair and spanked me with his hand. He had a whole bag of super evil implements with him (translation- metal) but fortunately we did not get into those on this occasion. My halfway through the night marking was assessed and I gave him a big hug, although I was still griping about the surprise.

I tried to wander throughout the room untouched and catch up with people to chat. I’m afraid I failed at being able to talk with everyone as long as I wanted to, but I did try. While I was sitting and talking with my friend S, Mr. R once again appeared and went for my OTHER ear this time. Talk about tops wanting to keep things even… As I was pulled around the room with him still grasping my ear, we found out that all the booths were occupied and I was finally released as we stood and waited for one to open. He showed me his evil little hairbrush that up until now I have not been introduced to and said that this wasn’t the big hairbrush. Have I mentioned that I hate hairbrushes? Maybe that is just assumed. Who doesn’t, really? (A funny side note, I just discovered today that “detached ears” was one of the search keywords that led some poor unsuspecting person to this blog.)

An area became open and I was led into the booth. I went across his knee and he spanked me with his hand and then the evil “little” hairbrush. I was not too sad about not being previously introduced to this thing. Owww! For anyone who doesn’t already know this, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Size is deceiving in the spanko world. It can be for tops and certainly for implements. If a bunch of things are laid out in front of you and you have to pick one, going for the smallest is not necessarily the best choice. Small wood things have a greater ability to get into every little area on your bottom and thinner leather things just sting even worse than the wide ones. Just an FYI. I’m here to help and inform. After my bottom was thoroughly stinging from the hairbrush, he let me up and gave me a hug. “We’re still not done,” he said. Shit. I thought that, didn’t say it out loud of course. My brain works occasionally.

Excluding the damage to my bottom, my biggest injury of the night was about to occur. I was in the rest room and you know how they have those hooks inside the stall door to hang your purse on or whatever? My arm scraped right into it and it was just an insta-bruise. A big one. It freaking hurt. If Maggie Gyllenhaal ever complains about me ripping off her movie character for my scene name, I will from then on just go by Miss Instabruise. After damaging my arm, I returned to the party and caught up with Mr E. and we went back to play. I went over his knee and he spanked me with his hand. The soreness had certainly set in at this point. We hugged and parted and I returned to socialize.

I had been chatting with B throughout the night. We had met in person for the first time at this party but had been talking online for a while prior. I was happy to finally meet and he was super nice. We went back into a booth to play and I went across his knee and he gave me a longer hand spanking. It was quite a relaxing scene. We talked a bit more and then returned to the rest of the party. I talked a bit with L who I hadn’t seen since the previous year at one of the Scony weekends, so it was nice to catch up a bit with him. We went back to play and when I was over his knee he commented that it looked like I hadn’t played much. Ha! Funny guy… He gave me a spanking by hand as a reminder of why I should behave and I quickly agreed with him.

The night was winding down with the party closing time approaching. I was already starting to feel down about having to say a lot of goodbyes soon. I hate goodbyes. I was standing and chatting with a few people when Mr. R found me. He didn’t go for the ear this time, though maybe if I had a third one he would have. Have to keep things even, you know. He grabbed my hand and led me into a booth. I was bent over a saddle and so quick that I never know it’s being removed, he spanked me with his belt. Have I mentioned that I hate belts? Even more than hairbrushes, I think. Especially that one. I had a belt on that night myself and usually I purposely don’t wear one at a party because I don’t want it used against me, literally. But I think I would’ve preferred my own at that point. Back to the size issue. Mine is wider and I assume it would be softer. His is narrow and stingy and evil. The belting concluded and as we hugged he said that we were done for tonight, but still not done. Shit. Again.

For anyone trying to keep count, that was 10 times that I played at this party. Including the scene from earlier in the day, that turned out to be 11 times in less than 24 hours. Certainly a personal record. I feel like this post should have a disclaimer. Don’t try this at home! Lol. I swear, I really am not a hard player. Any reputation as such is quite undeserved. Everyone I play with is really good at respecting my limits and personal tolerances. I’m sure I’m more in the light to middle range tolerance wise and they could inflict much worse. I’m getting off track here but just want to assure any worried parties that I was totally okay and got what I wanted. Alright, back to the recap. The party was over and many of us stayed to help take things down and get out of there. I said my goodbyes and as a note to Mr. G who gives me crap about crying, I did NOT even cry this time. I was close with a few people, but honestly everything went so fast that night that I don’t even think my emotions had time to settle.

We left and got something to eat as I commented on how ridiculously hard the seat at the diner was. I don’t care that it was a cushioned booth, it was HARD! After that, we went back to Mr. G’s. This was the first chance I’d had to check out my bottom in the mirror and all that was heard throughout the apartment was Holy shit! on my part. Yes, I was well marked. I always am so really I should expect it, but actually seeing it always surprises me a bit. I was pretty exhausted at this point so crashed about as soon as my head hit the pillow.

The next day I was able to hang out with a group of friends which was a lot of fun. This was the day the tears would come. On more than one occasion. I had my final scene of the weekend with Mr. R. It can be hard to compare one scene to the next, especially as time has passed, but I think I can honestly say it was the most severe spanking I’ve ever had. Because it was of a more personal nature to me, I’m not going to go into all the details. I know, I’m a tease. Sorry. I will say that it was my first experience ever having soap in my mouth. Blech! That is freaking horrible. Not something I care to revisit. I had to keep pieces of it in my mouth throughout the whole spanking and was scared that I was going to swallow it. Is there such a thing as soap poisoning? It involved the *big* hairbrush, a cane, and the FES aka strap from Hell. I cried. I can count on one hand how many times that has ever happened during a spanking. It ended with a big hug and a clean slate. I liked that part.

I also got to play with M that day and was reminded of my dislike for particular leather paddles. It certainly provides even coverage, I must say. Dinner was eaten, pianos were played (I rule at Heart and Soul) and hand signing skills were refreshed. I also spray painted some Peeps. It’s a long story about a not so well thought out plan. The evening was drawing to a close and another round of goodbyes arrived. I cried. Again. Then we headed back to Mr. G’s to try to catch up on some rest. The next day he and I went to Jersey to visit a friend. It was really good to see her and had been a while. I’m glad we had a chance to catch up. We went back to the city and I bought my first ever lottery tickets. They both lost. 😦 I was way too optimistic about my chances on that. Lol. How else will I ever afford a second home out east? Mr. G and I played once that day as I was introduced to some evil silicone-like kitchen utensil. I’ve mentioned a lot of things being evil in this post. Don’t let that take away from the meaning. They are all evil.

Then it was time to pack and head to the airport. Back home, back to work the next day. Blah. It was a great trip. Short, but totally worth it. I miss my friends. April is a long way off. Ugh. Thank you to all who added to a really fun weekend and all who put up with me. If you are reading this Mr. G, a special thank you for the lodging, the rides, the spankings, and the laughs. You’re still a grumpypants though. 😉 Thank you to all of you for reading. That is all for this adventure.

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I'm a shy bottom with a sharp wit. :-)
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16 Responses to New York, I Love You (Part 2)

  1. Marne says:

    Yuck, soap! You should have barfed on his shoes! Well…maybe not a good idea…

    April is tooooo far away! Humongous hugs!


  2. sarah thorne says:

    Soap?? Bleh!

    I had to laugh at the search word 'detached ears' leading someone to your blog!! HA!!! HA!!! I get a huge kick out of some of the search terms I find in my stats that lead people to my blog!

    Glad you had such a good time. It is great, isn't it, to see your spanko friends at these events? Sounds fun!!



  3. joeyred51 says:

    Great post lea. I thought that you were going to lose an ear by the end of the night. I am glad you had such a great time in the Big Apple.


  4. Anonymous says:

    I remember reading somewhere about a lab that was growing ears on the backs of mice. You can google up an image of it. It's both creepy and fascinating. But hey, that's one way we can get you an extra ear.

    Glad you survived & will be very happy to see you in April!

    — Regan


  5. never had soap never want soap yukkkk big time
    wow 11 spankings in 24 hours and you only cried with your last one….wow you are one tough cookie lea – im impressed 🙂
    sounds like you had a godo weekend though
    love and hugs kiwi xxx


  6. Zelle says:

    UGH! SOAP! Never ever have I had to deal with that and a Top..but it just went on ye old 'hard limit list'!

    –> I swear, I really am not a hard player. Any reputation as such is quite undeserved.

    No matter how many times I tell that to a Top… he reminds me of my pics posted on Fetlife. (oops..makes mental note to pull down those pics that depict a very very naughty Zelle!)

    GREAT BLOG ON YOUR PARTY EXPERIENCE! (whewh! 11 TIMES?? — nahhh.. you're NOT a hard player.. uh..uh.. I'll vouch for ya!)




  7. Zelle says:

    ps.. when you played with “R”… what's that FES strap??

    Inquiring bottoms wanna know. LOL


  8. bree512 says:

    A brilliant night, nothing can compare. You might have suceeded in changing me.

    I love REM.

    Lea…I am glad you had a wonderful time. I am never surprized about that.

    Happy Hoiidays.


  9. Lea says:

    @Marne, Lol. I don't think that would've ended well for me! April IS very far away. *hug*

    @sarah, Very fun, I always have a blast. Where else can you get so many of your favorite people in one place?

    @joey, I'm surprised I can still hear okay on both sides!

    @Regan, Very creepy. I think that was done on a South Park episode as well. Lol.


  10. Lea says:

    @kiwi, I don't want to encounter it again either. Blech. It certainly was a great weekend overall!

    @Zelle, Soap is one of those things that was on the hard limits list for me early on but one of many to change.

    I've seen your pics on Fet and would come to the same conclusion as the top! Lol!

    FES stands for Flesh Eating Strap. Yeah, it's about as appealing as it sounds! It's a somewhat wide and longer leather strap from Hell. I believe it's one of a kind these days and came from a random vendor who no longer exists.

    @bree, It was a great time! Happy holidays to you as well and thanks for stopping by!


  11. Thanks for the great summary of your NYC weekend, Lea. It was so nice to see you even for a few hours. I think the name “Mr. Grumpypants” will live on for a long time — which you will undoubtedly pay for, but you've given the rest of us a gift. 🙂

    Have a great Thansgiving!


  12. Ursus Lewis says:

    Mr G…. not sure, but I think maggie is write. You'll get a spanking for that one.


  13. Zelle says:

    ROFL -.. yeah, my Fet pics do have a smidge more styles of play than just spanking. (heehee)- But spanking IS ALWAYS the pre-requisite to any floggers, quirts or singletails! (I do prefer sting –'natch'! – Most of the color and marks disappear in an hour or less (bummer.. I like looking at the fruits of my labors for at least a day!) LOL

    ** FES stands for Flesh Eating Strap.**

    YIKES!!! That sounds awful! I can stand the Canadian and Arkansas Prison strap with a good long warm up prior to… but that “FES” just SOUNDS totally wicked!


  14. Lea says:

    @maggie, I love to give gifts. Sometimes the joke is worth the cost. 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

    @Urs, Maybe. But if not that, it would just be something else! Just sayin'.

    @Zelle, I've been home a week and can still see my marks so can't say I feel your pain on that one. Lol. The FES is wicked! But if you can handle LT's prison strap it could be comparable.


  15. Ursus Lewis says:

    I don't know what everybody has! I think the FES is a very nice implement. I still need one in my repetoire…


  16. Lea says:

    @Urs, Um, no. You don't need one.


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