Fun With Flogging

Green deerskin flogger made by whispers_of_fire

I’ve gone implement crazy! Not too long ago, I shared about my new London Tanners toys here. The next toy has arrived. I’m now the happy owner of a beautiful green deerskin flogger. The pictures don’t even fully do it justice, this is a lovely piece. The handle design is so intricate and it turned out looking awesome. It was custom made for me by whispers_of_fire on FetLife. You can find more of her incredible work here.

The handle has green, purple, dark grey, light grey, and silver woven into it. It has about 50 falls approximately 18 inches in length. This is a fun toy that will be used for lighter play, massage,  or err… other types of play. 🙂 Since it is thicker, it gives more of a thuddy sensation than stingy. Usually my preference is sting over thud but this is a whole different sensation and I love it.

I even ran it across J’s back a few times and asked him how it felt. His response? “It feels like a car wash.” Men can be so eloquent, can’t they? Lol. My official review: LOVE IT! The impact of it, feeling all the individual falls run across my skin, the smell of fresh leather in the air… Yum.

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I'm a shy bottom with a sharp wit. :-)
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14 Responses to Fun With Flogging

  1. live2spank says:

    Dear Lea: ” A thing of beauty is a joy forever” What fine craftsmanship!


  2. Hermione says:

    A car wash? That's creative! So J has been through one sans car?

    It's a lovely flogger. Enjoy!



  3. joeyred51 says:

    Beautiful flogger Lea. Have funplaying with it.


  4. Erica says:

    I love deerskin floggers! While I'm not much for thuddy impact play either, there's something so very stimulating about a good flogging.


  5. I love London Tanners web site – and i love the flogger – looks like it could be lots of fun. We dont have any fun implements yet. Just horrible punishment ones 😦 the only fun spanking is otk with his hand lol so far that is lol…

    (I hope you dont mind, but ive just created my own blog and posted my very first post – its a question on a dilema i have and so im kinda directing people to it when i comment on theirs – is this too cheeky – hope not – im in need of advice…its love honour and obey in blogger.)
    Id love some feedback thoughts and advice from my bloggy friends out here 🙂


  6. bree512 says:

    Lea, you are passing me by now. (bree waves to Lea as she zooms by in her car.) Not sure about this. I am taking my foot off the accelerator. I hope you won't run me over with the next implement. All roads lead back to the starting line(hand spanking).

    Seriously, though, I know this isn't a race. I was just trying to be funny. I have always gone at my own pace. Sort of like the tortoise or the pace car at the speedway.

    You all are having fun and that's what counts.

    This implement collecting isn't turning into an addiction is it?

    That implement does look tempting, though. No! No! I shall resist! I will be strong!

    I don't want to feel like a car going through the car wash…bubbles tickle my nose.



  7. live2spank says:

    Dear bree Wonder if they ship those in a week…. just sayin…


  8. Lea says:

    @live2spank, A lot of hard work was put in to make it, I'm sure.

    @Hermione, Ha, I wondered the same thing. I guess it's what he'd imagine the car wash to feel like?

    @joey, Thanks, I certainly will!

    @Erica, a very stimulating activity indeed.

    @kiwiegirliegirl, welcome and thanks for reading! I will check it out.

    @bree, No, no addiction here. Can you imagine a spanko featured on an episode of that TV show “My Strange Addiction” though? Or “Hoarders”. Lol. “Why does this woman have 27 hairbrushes??”


  9. bree512 says:

    @Live2spank Keep on wondering. :>P

    @Lea OMG! That would be funny. I think Arthur is getting close to having that number of hairbrushes. Giggles. Poor Rayne…..we might have to do an intervention Lea. Are you with me? :>)


  10. Lea says:

    Funny, he's the one I had in mind when I wrote that. I don't really want any part in that intervention though. How stupid do you think I am?


  11. bree512 says:

    @Lea I do not think you are stupid! I would never insinuate that about anyone especially you.

    Sorry, I was just trying to be funny again. Sigh. :>(

    I thought…well…I just thought that us bottoms were suppose to help out other bottoms.

    Oh, but I forgot you hate the hairbrush! What was I thinking?!

    I guess I will just have to go it alone again. Sigh.

    I will help you Rayne, do not worry.

    bree to the rescue……. :>)

    PS: Can I at least ship the hairbrushes to you way out there where Arthur can not get them?


  12. Lea says:

    I'm all about helping out a friend but being within arm's reach of a top when doing so? That's just a suicide mission! You could ship the brushes here, though I live with a top so that may not turn out so well… I'm sure I can find a Salvation Army around to give them to.


  13. Pink says:

    Oh, this gets a big “Yum” from me. I love floggers, although I haven't experienced them often.

    I'll be checking out that person's FetLife profile on your recommendation.





  14. Lea says:

    She does great work, Pink. Very nice to work with and can make it however you want it to look.


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